• Enhanced Intuition K2 Bracelet

    for psychic vision

    Open the door to profound psychic visions with this Enhanced Intuition K2 Bracelet! This stunning stretch bracelet features beads carved from K2 stone, which is a natural combination of granite, azurite, and malachite — a gateway to tremendous intuitive abilities and healing. The speckles in...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Angelic Connection Seraphinite Bracelet

    Another day, another treasure from the Denver Gem Show! If you want to bond deeply with your guides, this Angelic Connection Seraphinite Bracelet is your offering. This stretch bracelet features beads carved from seraphinite. Seraphinite’s flowing patterns resemble angels’ wings, created by manganese, aluminum, and...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Grounded Transformation Star Rutilated Quartz and Hematite Bracelet

    You won’t believe this super-special find from the Denver Gem Show! This Grounded Transformation Star Rutilated Quartz and Hematite Bracelet left me with a literal twinkle in my eye when I first spotted it. The beads in this gorgeous bracelet feature a rare and stunning...
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  • Moroccan Inspired Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

    to ward off unwanted energy

    It’s BACK! Shield yourself from negative energy with this Moroccan Inspired Evil Eye Protection Bracelet. This offering was created with Morocco in mind — taking note of all its beautiful colors and architecture! This gorgeous bracelet is nickel-free with an adjustable slider clasp and made...
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  • Dream Amethyst Soothing Beads

    for restful sleep and wellness

    If you missed out on my Virgo New Moon Stress Relief Set — great news! These gorgeous Dream Amethyst Soothing Beads are now available on their own! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, the stone for these beads was sourced from China. This string of beads...
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  • Denver After Dark: Green Rutilated Quartz Bracelet

    The Denver Gem Show treasures just don’t stop! If you’re looking for an ally to total wellbeing, this Green Rutilated Quartz Bracelet is for you! The quality of the green rutile in this piece is just stunning. Powerful, rare, and full of intense vibration and...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Natural Gemstone Charm Bracelet

    for on-the-go crystal healing

    Anyone who knows me knows I adore crystal jewelry — and that’s why I’m so excited to share this gorgeous Intuitively Chosen Natural Gemstone Charm Bracelet with you! This adjustable silver-colored metal alloy bracelet also makes for a great anklet and is adorned with seven...
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  • Lepidolite Leather Bracelet

    for emotional well-being

    Has life got you feeling a bit frazzled? This Lepidolite Leather Bracelet on your arm will help you find your zen. This gorgeous piece, custom-made just for Sage Goddess, showcases a sizable lepidolite cabochon set on an adjustable brown leather strap adorned with tan stitching...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Friendship Bracelet

    for everlasting bonds

    Celebrate the bonds that transcend time and space with this Intuitively Chosen Friendship Bracelet! This colorful woven bracelet is the perfect token of care and appreciation to give to your loved ones, especially ones you can’t always be physically close to. Every bracelet also comes...
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  • Bee Positive Golden Aura Quartz Bracelet

    for joy & optimism

    The best accessory is a smile — and this NEW Bee Positive Golden Aura Quartz Bracelet is here to bring the happy! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from China, this adjustable bracelet features golden aura quartz beads, bringing optimism and joy with...
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  • Master Healer Super 7 Bracelet

    for ultimate wellness

    Invite wellness on every level with this beautiful Master Healer Super 7 Bracelet. Super 7 is a combination of seven potent minerals — amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite, and lepidocrocite. It’s one of the most healing combinations on the planet. Each bracelet...
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  • Ignite Your Passion Carnelian Bracelet

    to turn up the heat

    Turn up the heat with this Ignite Your Passion Carnelian Bracelet! This gorgeous stretch bracelet is made with carnelian, a gem of fire that brings passion, courage, and a creative spark. Fire medicine is transformative, transmutative, and the fuel that ignites the embers of creativity....
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  • Tanzanian Sunstone Leadership Bracelet

    Ignite your inner radiance and authority with this stretch Tanzanian Sunstone Leadership Bracelet! It's made with gorgeous tumbled sunstone beads. Sunstone is a high-vibrational gem of creativity, enthusiasm, and awakening. It’s known as a leadership stone because it strengthens organizational skills, provides clarity during decision-making,...
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  • Evil Eye Beaded Bracelet

    for protection

    Shield yourself from negative energy with this Evil Eye Beaded Bracelet. This gorgeous handmade adjustable bracelet features light blue, dark blue, gold, and white beads and a yarn-tie closure with blue and gold beads at each end — easily adjustable to hug your wrist or...
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  • Shungite Purifying Bracelet

    for energy filtering

    Filter out any bad vibes with this Shungite Purifying Bracelet, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This stretchy bracelet features tumbled shungite beads. Shungite is the most powerful energetic filter. It’s almost pure carbon, which is a master healer. It removes unwanted energies and impurities from...
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  • Acupressure Wrist Massage Bracelet Duo

    to release tension

    Release that built-up physical tension and unwanted energy with this NEW Acupressure Wrist Massage Bracelet Duo! This offering comes with two stretchy acupressure massage bracelets made from stainless steel — a metal that defends against low vibrations, energy vampires, and psychic attacks. You’ll receive one...
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