• “Patience” Mini BeeBop

    for calm composure

    This “Patience” Mini BeeBop is a reminder of the old saying: “Patience is a virtue.” We’ve all heard it said, but it’s not always easy to practice, especially when life gets tough, you’re tired, and stressed. When you feel tension, this piece will help you...
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  • Dark Blue Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop

    for psychic vision

    Deepen your intuition and awaken your psychic abilities with this Dark Blue Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop. This gem is a part of our collection of glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as “beebops.” They’re little pops of color...
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  • Peacock Aura Selenite Wand

    to show your true colors

    Call on the magic of the Moon to support you as you show the world your true colors with this Peacock Aura Selenite Wand. The gorgeous jewel-toned green, blue, and purple hues of the aura treatment on this wand look JUST like the Sage Goddess...
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  • Hand Blown Glass Ganesha BeeBop

    for clearing the path to your desires

    This Hand Blown Glass Ganesha BeeBop is sure to clear the path to anything standing in the way of you manifesting the life, love, peace, and joy you desire. This Ganesha carving is so adorable and comes in green, blue, yellow, and pink. Hand blown...
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  • Chakra Magic Smudging Shells for opening your heart, throat, and crown

    Heal your heart, clear your throat, and open your crown with these Chakra Magic Smudging Shells. These abalone shells are so pretty and come in three colors: Green, blue, and purple. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, where heaven and earth meet and...
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