• Helios kai Selene Perfume Duo

      for balance & divine harmony

      <p>This new perfume pairing invokes the Sun god Helios and the Moon goddess Selene, combining solar and lunar energies. Anoint with this offering to bask in sunshine and bathe in moonlight.</p>
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    • Embrace Desire Incense

      blended LIVE by Athena

      <p>I’ll be crafting this seductive incense blend with a makko base for easy, charcoal-free burning. It will come in a gorgeous orange jar, and to add to the magic, we’ll include a tumbled labradorite in each jar to help you go after your heart’s desires.</p>
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    • Rex Cologne

      for kingly courage, wisdom, and strength

      <p>Inspired by the Latin word for king, “rex,” and the ancient rulers of Rome, it embodies their strength and courage. Its dark, masculine fragrance is blended with notes of red grapefruit, benzoin, and oakmoss.</p>
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    • Winter Solstice Perfume

      for rest and reflection

      <p>This fragrance was handcrafted here at SG with notes of amber for inspiration, benzoin to open the soul, fir to broaden perspective, and orange for acceptance and trust.</p>
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    • 11/11 Wish Fulfillment Perfume

      for elevated manifestation

      <p>This uplifting blend is laced with notes of galbanum for support through transformation, benzoin for opening the soul to prosperity, jasmine for attracting abundance, and rosewood for boosting intuition and spiritual growth. It also contains a very special note – honey for uplifting the spirit.</p>
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    • SG Anniversary 12 Perfume

      to celebrate magic

      I feel so blessed by the past 12 years of ritual and community made possible by all of YOU. So in celebration of the magic of the number 12 this anniversary, I’ve incorporated a total of 12 ingredients that I carefully selected myself in this...
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    • October 2023 Living Essence Mist

      for epigenetics & ancestral healing

      Transform into your best self through ancestral healing with my October 2023 Living Essence Mist. This mist is handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is the ultimate blend for supporting your spiritual practices as you dive deep into the wisdom of those who...
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    • Cauldron of Possibilities Perfume

      for passion and creativity

      If you missed out on my Stir Your Desires Leo New Moon Set, not to worry — my Cauldron of Possibilities Perfume is now available on its own and ready to turn up the heat in your life. It’s handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess...
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    • Benzoin Resin

      for comfort and protection

      Benzoin is one of the oldest, most traditional ingredients of incense and is revered as “The Holder” of energies. Benzoin is a fire-driven road opener that opens the soul to prosperity, allowing your spirit guides to take hold and offer new pathways. It’s comforting, purifying,...
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    • Transition Beeswax Intention Candle

      to find your way

      My Transition Beeswax Intention Candle is here to help you move through change with ease and grace. This candle is hand-rolled with ivory, aqua, and purple beeswax right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and wrapped with custom SG artwork. It’s anointed with my Transition Perfume...
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