• Enter the Temple Perfume

      for returning to the mystery and magic within

      <p>This is an invitation to mystery and magic – a subtle field of intrigue and intuition highlighted by the watery energies of our Moon. It contains notes of tangerine, clementine, jannatul mawa, Egyptian spikenard, and balsam copaiba.</p>
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    • Copal Perfume with Frankincense & Mugwort

      for purification

      Purify yourself and invite positive vibrations with the return of my Copal Perfume with Frankincense & Mugwort. Handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess, this uplifting blend contains essential oils of frankincense, mugwort, and balsam copaiba. It’s a beautiful, soft way to clear stagnant energies and...
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    • SG Anniversary 12 Perfume

      to celebrate magic

      I feel so blessed by the past 12 years of ritual and community made possible by all of YOU. So in celebration of the magic of the number 12 this anniversary, I’ve incorporated a total of 12 ingredients that I carefully selected myself in this...
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    • Soul Shift Exclusive Graduation Perfume: Magnum Opus

      True to its name, my Soul Shift Exclusive Graduation Perfume: Magnum Opus is an extraordinary scent designed to honor your pending completion of the year of alchemical study. This offering was custom-made at Sage Goddess. Magnum Opus refers to the spiritual and physical process of...
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