• Tumbled Amphibole Quartz

      for spiritual connection

      $2.25 - $6.75 with coupon code
      <p>Amphibole quartz, also known as angel phantom quartz, is a special variety of quartz that helps you connect with your spirit guides and angels.</p>
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    • Blue Lotus Perfume

      for spiritual growth & transformation

      $29.25 with coupon code
      <p>This perfume is ready to elevate your consciousness and kick your psychic abilities into high gear. Blue lotus is a water lily that has an intoxicating fragrance that alters and elevates consciousness.</p>
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    • Tumbled Novaculite

      for mental clarity & spiritual connection

      $3.75 - $6.75 with coupon code
      <p>Novaculite is a potent gem for sharpening focus and gaining clarity. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, bringing high-vibrational energy that clears the mind, aids problem-solving, and opens channels of spiritual connection.</p>
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    • Denver Unpacking: Natural Barite

      for spiritual exploration

      $9.75 with coupon code
      The treasures just keep coming from the Denver Gem Show! Get ready to explore dimensions beyond our own with this Natural Barite from Morocco. This gem is not a beginner’s stone — it’s an immensely powerful tool for healing, journeying, and connecting with the higher...
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    • Blue Apatite Throat Chakra Bracelet

      for inner wisdom

      $14.25 with coupon code
      If you’re ready to receive powerful spiritual wisdom and connect with your innermost truth, this Blue Apatite Throat Chakra Bracelet is here to help. This stretch bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features a golden-colored SG logo bead. Adorn yourself with this offering...
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    • 1,000 Line Lodolite in Quartz Sphere

      $41.25 - $71.25 with coupon code
      <p>This stone attracts <a href="https://www.sagegoddess.com/what-are-angel-numbers/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">angels</a> and energies of forgiveness and peace. Lodolite is the perfect tool to work with while doing any journeying work. It encourages expansion, exploration, and aids with dreamwork and past-life recall</p>
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    • Tumbled Blue Apatite

      for celestial connection and intuition

      $2.25 with coupon code
      Connect with your intuition and the powers-that-be with this Tumbled Blue Apatite! Blue apatite is a guidance stone and brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, angels, and archangels. We all have spirit guides who want to help us embody our highest purpose. They’re...
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    • Tumbled Green Fuchsite

      for soulmate attraction

      $2.63 - $3.38 with coupon code
      Get ready for major love in your life with this Tumbled Green Fuchsite! This stone is full of powerful healing energy and is all about true love. It’s the gem of life force and heals the heart physically and emotionally, readying you for all kinds...
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