• Kyphi Incense

    for ancient wisdom and spiritual expansion

    If you’re as captivated by ancient Egypt as I am, I’ve got a SPECIAL treat for you. At long last, we’ve made our own Kyphi Incense recipe - inspired by the oldest recorded recipe found on the temple walls in Egypt. Kyphi, which translates to...
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  • Creative Transformation Labradorite Scarab Necklace

    Change is a necessary part of life - but it isn’t always easy. This Creative Transformation Labradorite Scarab Necklace was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and will help you ride the waves of creative and spiritual evolution with grace. This necklace features a...
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  • Seven Sacred Balm

    for ancient goddess magic

    If you love my intoxicating Seven Sacred Perfume, you’re going to go crazy over my Seven Sacred Balm. My Seven Sacred blend was inspired by the anointing practices used with the Seven Sacred Oils in ancient Egypt, based on temple and tomb inscriptions spanning over...
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  • Ka Perfume

    for honoring the magic of ancient Egypt

    Ah, Ka Perfume. How can I even begin to describe Ka? The recipe for this blend came to me in a vision, and the result was pure and potent magic. The ancient Egyptians believed the soul has three parts: Ka (vital essence), ba (personality), and...
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  • Abydos Perfume

    for ancient wisdom and to support your priestess practice

    My Abydos Perfume, once part of my Egyptian Priestess Set, is now available on its own. This blend is rich, luxurious, and full of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Poured with the finest oils that include mogra attar, blue lotus, and lily attar, this perfume is...
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  • Egyptian Power Pillars for flow of energy, confidence, and strength

    These Egyptian Power Pillars are potent tools for connecting to ancient technology and unlocking the wisdom nestled within your very self. Carved from yellow aventurine, each of these pieces carries the strengthening and confidence-boosting properties of yellow aventurine and the energy-conducting power of the obelisk....
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