• Kyphi Incense

      for ancient wisdom and spiritual expansion

      <p>This incense is inspired by the oldest recorded recipe found on the temple walls in Egypt. It’s a combination of mastic, Aleppo pine, mint, juniper berry, red wine, three different resins, and a few more specialized ingredients.</p>
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    • Ka Perfume

      for honoring the magic of ancient Egypt

      Ah, Ka Perfume. How can I even begin to describe Ka? The recipe for this blend came to me in a vision, and the result was pure and potent magic. The ancient Egyptians believed the soul has three parts: Ka (vital essence), ba (personality), and...
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    • Abydos Perfume

      for ancient wisdom and to support your priestess practice

      My Abydos Perfume, once part of my Egyptian Priestess Set, is now available on its own. This blend is rich, luxurious, and full of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Poured with the finest oils that include mogra attar, blue lotus, and lily attar, this perfume is...
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