• Peace and Prosperity Ametrine Generator

    for inner power

    Tap into the serenity and inner power needed to manifest your dreams with this beautiful Peace and Prosperity Ametrine Generator. The ametrine for this generator was sourced from Brazil. Ametrine embodies the boundary where amethyst and citrine meet – a perfect harmony of inspiration and...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: AAA Grade Ametrine Bracelets for clarity and balance

    These AAA Grade Ametrine Bracelets combine amethyst’s peaceful and balancing vibrations with citrine’s energies of empowerment and abundance. I found these feminine, stretchy bracelets at the Tucson Gem Show and hand-picked each one myself. They’re high quality and super gemmy! Ametrine embodies the boundary where...
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  • Astrological Libra set to honor your independence and balance

    Our monthly Astrological Libra set is back! Exalting this air sign, we offer a poured candle, incense cones, hand-crafted perfume blend, and four gemstones. Comprised of items that enhance each strength as well as the shadow side of this sign, we glorify you Libra in...
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