• Tibetan Enhydro Quartz

    for deep healing and alignment

    If you’re looking for deep healing that aligns your Chakras from Root to Crown, your search stops right here! This Tibetan Enhydro Quartz is sourced from high-altitude Himalayan mines of Tibet. It clears the auric body and grounds you to stable Earth energy while embodying...
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  • Total Alignment 9 Chakra Gemstone Generator

    If you’ve been wanting to bring greater energetic balance to yourself and your home, this is the offering for you. This beautiful Total Alignment 9 Chakra Gemstone Generator was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the stones were sourced from India. It features nine powerful...
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  • Blue Kyanite Rune Wand

    for sacred balance

    This Blue Kyanite Rune Wand combines ancient wisdom with the balancing energy of blue kyanite. It was custom-made exclusively for Sage Goddess and features engraved rune symbols. The stone is from India. Runes are letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets,...
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  • Magic Incense Sticks

    for wisdom and transformation

    My Magic Incense Sticks are BRAND NEW and inspired by a customer favorite, my Magic Perfume. These incense sticks were lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, infused with my special Magic blend. What are Magic Incense Sticks all about? Magic is just that:...
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  • Polished Ammonite

    for evolution and alignment

    Channel powerful ancient wisdom with this Polished Ammonite from Madagascar. Are you familiar with ammonite? Containing over 400-million years of Gaia’s history, ammonite is a spiral-shaped fossilized shell that symbolizes continual evolution and growth. It’s a multipurpose stone and can be worked with in meditation...
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  • Blue Kyanite in Quartz Channeling Obelisk

    Activate your inner vision with this Blue Kyanite in Quartz Channeling Obelisk. This piece is absolutely exquisite and holds incredible potency. It's custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the stone is sourced from India. Blue kyanite strengthens your intuition and wisdom, along with your will...
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  • Natural Teal Fluorite

    for expressing your dharma

    Fulfil your life purpose with this Natural Teal Fluorite from China! Teal is the rarest color of fluorite, and it’s absolutely beautiful – like holding the entire ocean in your hand. Teal fluorite is a soul pathing stone that helps you find and understand your...
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  • Amplified Alignment Blue Kyanite in Quartz Sphere

    Come into balance with this Amplified Alignment Blue Kyanite in Quartz Sphere. This exquisite piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from Brazil. Blue kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment. This Throat Chakra gem connects you to...
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  • Natural Triplite

    for alignment, integration, and creativity

    This Natural Triplite is a special treat directly from Pakistan. Triplite is a rare stone and its name comes from the Greek triplos, meaning triple, referring to this gem’s structure. Triplite aligns with the Root, Sacral, Heart, and Crown Chakras, helping integrate the physical, emotional,...
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  • Natural Blue Kyanite

    for ultimate alignment

    Come into balance and get your energy right with this Natural Blue Kyanite. Blue kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment. It’s also a Throat Chakra gem that connects you to your highest truth. Blue kyanite makes it easy for you to...
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  • Yukon Siderite for positivity, grounding, and confidence

    I’m so excited to offer you this Yukon Siderite - a very rare gem mined around Rapid Creek, in the sparse and wild Yukon Territory of Canada. Excavating this gem is only possible during the few summer months. And even when the weather is agreeable,...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Sunset Aura Beta Quartz for energetic attunement

    This Sunset Aura Beta Quartz is one of the rarest items we brought back with us from the Tucson Gem Show! These crystals are naturally double-terminated and 12-sided for power-packed magic. Sunset Aura Beta Quartz helps with DNA healing and re-tuning. I recommend that you...
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