• Tucson Unpacking: Natural Aegirine Blade

      for protection

      The Tucson treasures just keep coming! Feel protected and shielded whenever you need it with this Natural Aegirine Blade. Aegirine is a rare crystal named after Aegir, the Scandinavian god of the sea. It protects the aura like no other and is unparalleled in its...
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    • Tara Devi Ultimate Protection Crystal Grid

      for security

      Ward off negativity and turn any space into a sanctuary with this Tara Devi Ultimate Protection Crystal Grid. In both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Tara is worshiped as the goddess of compassion and protection. In fact, her name comes from the Sanskrit root tar, meaning...
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    • Tumbled Eudialyte

      for healing and ease

      Powerful healing is here with this Tumbled Eudialyte from Russia. Eudialyte is a stone I have used for years in my own healing work. I began working with it when I was having central nervous system issues and a friend introduced me to its magic....
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    • Natural Aegirine Crystal

      for creating auric boundaries

      Protect yourself and your energy with this Natural Aegirine Crystal from Pakistan. Aegirine is a rare crystal that protects the aura like no other. It’s the best energetic protection stone and unparalleled in its ability to shield you. If you’re looking for safeguarding this is...
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