• Nephrite Jade: Medium Tumbled

    for renewal and success

    $ 5.00
    Achieve your goals and claim abundance with this Tumbled Nephrite Jade from Pakistan! Nephrite jade symbolizes strength, renewal, endurance, and prosperity. It brings healing, tranquility, wisdom, and financial and spiritual growth. Nephrite jade dispels negative energy while encouraging self-reflection, balance, and clarity of vision for...
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  • Ultimate Success Perfume

    for abundance and expansion

    $ 39.00
    What does success look like for you? Is it untold fortune and riches? More time spent with family and friends? How about a breakthrough on your journey to spiritual enlightenment? Whatever it is, my Ultimate Success Perfume is here to help you find it! This...
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  • Sunstone Leadership Angel

    for taking charge

    $ 14.00$ 24.00
    Do you ever feel like you’re in the backseat of your own life? Get ready to take the wheel with this Sunstone Leadership Angel from India. Sunstone is a leadership stone that activates and heals the Sacral Chakra. It brings awakening, enhances creativity, boosts enthusiasm,...
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  • Green Aventurine Heart

    for loving abundance

    $ 24.00
    If you’re looking to grow in love and abundance, this Green Aventurine Heart from India is for you. Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work,...
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  • Palo Santo Intention Trio

    for love, abundance, and peace

    $ 14.00
    This Palo Santo Intention Trio was lovingly engraved by hand right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, to help you purify and infuse your space with intentions of love, abundance, and peace. Shamans have worked with palo santo medicine for thousands of years. It’s physically and...
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  • Lucky Piggy BeeBop

    for gratitude and good fortune

    $ 9.00
    This Lucky Piggy BeeBop isn’t just adorable - it’s a potent talisman of abundance and good fortune! This piece is part of our collection of glass pieces that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as "beebops." They’re little pops of color, energy,...
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  • Opalite Star of Success

    for good fortune and prosperity

    $ 24.00
    Are you searching for deeper insights on how to call more success into your life? Are you looking to develop your intuition? If so, this Opalite Star of Success is your coach in crystal form. Although man-made, opalite combines the qualities and magic of three...
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  • Double Terminated Clear Quartz Amplification Wand

    $ 14.00$ 24.00
    This Double Terminated Clear Quartz Amplification Wand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Brazil, and it’s a powerful tool for sealing and magnifying any intention. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason. This gem amplifies surrounding energies, and you can program...
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  • Natural Green Grossular Garnet

    for healing and prosperity

    $ 2.00
    I’m so excited for you to experience the magic of this Natural Green Grossular Garnet from Mali, Africa! This stone is a master healer and teacher in all facets of abundance - in both physical and spiritual matters. It activates the Heart Chakra, brings stability,...
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  • Euthenia Prosperity Infused Palo Santo

    $ 8.00
    Clear the path to abundance with my Euthenia Prosperity Infused Palo Santo! This offering combines the purifying magic of palo santo with Euthenia, the ancient Greek goddess of prosperity and abundance. Each palo santo stick is engraved with “Euthenia” on one side and “Prosperity” on...
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  • Prosperity Beeswax Intention Candle

    for money magic

    $ 25.00
    My Prosperity Beeswax Intention Candle opens the door for wealth and opportunity to walk right in! If you’re looking to manifest good fortune, this offering is for you. This candle was originally part of my popular Make It Happen Trio and now, its magic is...
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  • Natural Orange Grossular Garnet

    for creating prosperity

    $ 1.50
    When you follow your passion and pleasure, abundance naturally follows - and that’s precisely the message that this Natural Orange Grossular Garnet from Pakistan holds. This is my first time offering grossular garnet in its orange variety, and I’m so excited to share its prosperous...
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  • Natural Peridot

    to manifest prosperity and fortune

    $ 1.50$ 3.00
    Call in good luck and prosperity with this Natural Peridot. I absolutely adore peridot – and not just because I’m a Leo and this is my birthstone. This manifestation crystal draws abundance energy and attracts prosperity. Peridot opens the Heart Chakra to help you manifest...
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  • Flower Engraved Clear Quartz Cabochon

    to raise the vibe

    $ 13.00
    Raise your vibration with this gorgeous Flower Engraved Clear Quartz Cabochon, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason. It amplifies, magnifies, and you can program it to do almost anything. It can also be used...
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  • Infinite Healing Cube

    for overall wellness

    $ 9.00$ 14.00
    Activate infinite healing with this beautiful Infinite Healing Cube, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Africa. Infinite stone is a combination of serpentine and chrysotile and holds the magic of both gems plus special properties of its own. It’s a powerful master healing crystal. Just...
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  • Shitty Pickle Green Aventurine Wand

    for a stroke of luck

    $ 18.00
    Has life ever handed you a “shitty pickle” - a less-than-ideal situation that puts your spirit to the test? This Shitty Pickle Green Aventurine Wand is a reminder that sometimes, all you can do is find laughter in the struggle. This double-terminated wand was custom-made...
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