• Ultimate SG 11 Anniversary Smudging Set

    for purification

    Purify negative energies and elevate the vibration of your space with this Ultimate SG 11 Anniversary Smudging Set! This custom set was created to celebrate Sage Goddess’ 11th anniversary, and it’s unlike any smudging set I’ve EVER offered before. I smudge daily to purify my...
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  • Show Your Colors Abalone Peacock Feather Ring

    Feel safe expressing your brightest, most authentic self with this stunning Show Your True Colors Abalone Peacock Feather Ring. The incredible colors of abalone shells never cease to amaze me, so this NEW offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess to celebrate our 11th anniversary!...
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  • X Anniversary Deluxe Rainbow Smudge Bundle

    I’m so excited to share my custom-made X Anniversary Deluxe Rainbow Smudge Bundle with you - a natural way to celebrate 10 years of Sage Goddess! As many of you know, this company started when I made a single smudge bundle and offered it online,...
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  • Moon Love Lockets for mystery, intuition, and honoring your light and dark

    Do you love working with the Moon? I know I do – and these Moon Love Lockets are beautiful talismans of lunar magic. These lockets are made of shimmering resin abalone, and each features an enchanting gold-colored moon. Adorn yourself with one of these mystical...
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  • Rosewood Abalone Flower Box to hold your beautiful jewels

    This Rosewood box is so, so beautiful and special. It is the perfect jewelry box, and also offers a convenient way for you to keep your other gems and treasures safe. These handmade boxes feature a stunning abalone shell flower inlay, as well as a...
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