• X Anniversary Deluxe Rainbow Smudge Bundle

    I’m so excited to share my custom-made X Anniversary Deluxe Rainbow Smudge Bundle with you - a natural way to celebrate 10 years of Sage Goddess! As many of you know, this company started when I made a single smudge bundle and offered it online,...
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  • Handcrafted Abalone Shell Bowl

    to hold your treasures

    Hold your treasures in this magical Handcrafted Abalone Shell Bowl! This resin shell bowl was beautifully handcrafted in Indonesia. We don’t advise burning anything in it, but it makes the perfect altarpiece to honor and evoke the magic of water and the nurturing, compassionate, fluid...
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  • Simple Ritual – Basic Smudge Set

    for clearing your space

    Clear out stagnant energy and raise the vibrations with this Simple Ritual - Basic Smudge Set. This set features an abalone shell, Himalayan salt crystal, white sage bundle, palo santo stick, selenite stick, tumbled garnet, “Protection” BeeBop, and a AAA-Grade clear quartz point for magnification....
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  • Abalone Shell

    for holding your smudge bundles and spiritual tools

    This Abalone Shell is absolutely beautiful and ethically sourced in Vietnam! If you’re an energy worker, healer, priestess, or someone simply looking to infuse their space with a little extra magic, this offering is for you. This abalone shell makes the perfect altarpiece and will...
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  • Deluxe Smudging Set

    for clearing and setting your sacred space

    Get your vibrations set up for SUCCESS with this Deluxe Smudging Set. Smudging is a critical first step in any sacred ritual, as well as an important way to complete and seal sacred work. This ancient practice clears low vibrations and stagnant energies. This set...
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  • Wise Protection Smudge Set with Abalone Shell for raising the vibe

    This Wise Protection Smudge Set with Abalone Shell holds timeless wisdom and is a talisman for raising the vibration! Each set comes with a white sage smudge bundle for purification, a selenite stick for clearing and positive vibrations, an almandine garnet for protection and safe...
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  • SG Signature Smudge Bundles with Abalone Shell for space clearing

    Welcome in greater clarity and the restorative and purifying element of water with these gorgeous SG Signature Smudge Bundles with Abalone Shell. This offering features a fresh sage bundle hand wrapped here at Sage Goddess with seasonal herbs and florals. The sage in these bundles...
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  • SG Smudging Tools to purify and raise the vibrations in your sacred space

    I’m so excited to share these beautiful SG Smudging Tools with you - I, myself, am absolutely obsessed with smudging. I smudge daily to purify my space, to clear low vibrations and dispel of stuck energies. Smudging is a critical first step in any sacred...
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