• Specimen: Red Lepidolite

    $ 370.00
    Peace, centeredness, and gentle grounding. Are you in need of these energies? If so, this Red Lepidolite specimen is for you. This gorgeous gem contains hematite, which gives it its reddish hue. In addition to its calming quality, red lepidolite also provides protection, grounding, and...
  • Specimen: Chrysoprase in Moonstone Sphere

    $ 209.00
    Need a little heart healing? This Chrysoprase in Moonstone Sphere can help. Chrysoprase offers deep emotional healing and brings peace, perspective, and the ability to forgive and let go. Moonstone brings intuitive awareness, courage, and passion, helping you to reconcile any estranged relationships. Measures about...
  • Specimen: Intuitive Egyptian Canopic Jars

    $ 19.00
    Bring the mystery and reverence of ancient Egypt to the modern world with this Intuitive Egyptian Canopic Jars. Canopic jars are a covered urn used in ancient Egyptian burial processes to store and preserve the internal organs. These jars are ornate pieces that you can...
  • Specimen: K2 Stone Spheres

    $ 27.00
    These K2 Stone Spheres are the ultimate healers. A combination of granite and azurite with malachite, this stone offers direct access to the Akashic Records – the knowledge of all that is. These spheres provide grounding and support, and brings harmony and overall balance to...
  • Specimen: Hombre Amethyst Sphere

    $ 90.00
    Amethyst brings energies of peace, healing, and calm. If you desire clarity, psychic visions, restful sleep, and vivid dreams, this Hombre Amethyst Sphere is your offering. Amethyst allows you to open yourself to receiving your own inherent wisdom. It corresponds to the Crown Chakra, enabling...
  • Specimen: Blue Kyanite Necklace

    $ 72.00
    Add a little balance to your life with this gorgeous Blue Kyanite Necklace. Blue kyanite strengthens your will and vision so you move in concert with the Highest Good. It’s the stone of finding your sacred center. It is the ONLY stone known to instantly...
  • Specimen: Self Healed Double Terminated Clear Quartz Wand

    $ 100.00
    In addition to creating a vortex, this Self Healed Double Terminated Clear Quartz Wand accelerates the fulfillment of intentions, and intensifies healing and spiritual growth. It raises your personal vibration in powerful ways. Measures 5.5".
  • Specimen: Elestial Skeletal Smoky Quartz Generator

    $ 250.00
    Elestial quartz is one of the oldest, deepest forms of quartz. It is found in certain pockets of the world and is sought after by serious metaphysical practitioners. It facilitates time-bending, shamanic journeys, and astral travel. If you are looking for grounding, protection, and transmutation...
  • Specimen: Naturally Double Terminated Black Tourmaline

    $ 50.00
    This naturally double terminated black tourmaline offers deep protection that you cannot be without. Black tourmaline offers psychic protection in stressful environments, clears your auric field, and helps rid you of negative thoughts and anxiety, resentment, self-judgment, and doubt, or feelings of worthlessness. Measures about...
  • Specimen: Harlequin Quartz

    $ 400.00
    This Harlequin Quartz will help you tap into and activate your unique light codes, or access points into your soul's gifts, so that you may use them to heal others, heal yourself, and heal the planet. Use your piece in meditation to begin unlocking the...
  • Specimen: Druzy Septarian Heart Pillar

    $ 49.00
    This Druzy Septarian Heart Pillar is an ally for anyone at a fork in the road or entering a new phase. Working with these hearts will bring you peace and joy, as well as stability and acceptance as you undergo your healing journey. Measures about...
  • Specimen: Natural Rainbow Hematite Blade

    $ 79.00
    This Natural Rainbow Hematite Blade is a rare treasure. Rainbow hematite contains the full spectrum of the rainbow, empowering it to assist in aligning all seven chakras. It is a stone of union between Spirit and the physical world. Measures about 5.75".
  • Specimen: Etched Citrine with Clevelandite and Lepidolite

    $ 114.00
    Need some support in awakening your creative and manifestation potential? This Etched Citrine with Clevelandite and Lepidolite is your ally. Citrine increases clarity of thought and magnifies the will and manifestation ability. Clevelandite provides support in all of your undertakings while lepidolite aids your physical...
  • Specimen: Yellow Apatite Crystal

    $ 65.00
    If you want to make things happen, this Yellow Apatite Crystal will ensure that you do. Known in metaphysical circles as the Manifestation Stone, this gemstone throws your Solar Plexus Chakra wide open and helps you step into personal power while you work to turn...
  • Specimen: Opaline Heart

    $ 97.00
    Looking to develop your psychic abilities? If so, this Opaline Heart is for you. This gem will enhance your intuition and deepen levels of spiritual insight, helping you divine information of the past, present, and future. Measures about 3.5".
  • Specimen: Green Agate with Pink and Green Tourmaline in 925 Silver Pendant

    $ 225.00
    This Green Agate with Pink and Green Tourmaline in 925 Silver Pendant is heart opening and activating magic at its best. Green agate is a stone of strength and courage that brings the energies of peace and stability to the emotional body, and activate the...

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