• Litha Beeswax Intention Candle

    for summer light

    $ 25.00
    My Litha Beeswax Intention Candle brings the bright light of summer….. The summer solstice (the longest day of the year) is also known as Litha. On Litha, all of nature surrenders to the fire of light. This candle was hand-rolled here at Sage Goddess Headquarters...
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  • Soul Shift Exclusive Summer Gateway Perfume Blending Set

    $ 29.00
    Soul Shifters, if you missed out on our Soul Shift Exclusive Summer Gateway Perfume Blending Set, here’s your chance to grab yours! This set includes everything you need to blend your own perfume, including a custom-designed summer gateway perfume bottle with a red top to...
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  • Golden Sun Star Necklace

    for radiating inner light

    $ 44.00
    Harness potent solar energy with this Golden Sun Star Necklace - perfect for welcoming the return of summer in the Northern Hemisphere! This stunning adjustable adornment is .925 sterling silver with an 18k gold overlay and stamped with .925. The Sun is the planet (technically...
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  • Beautiful Perfume

    for evoking radiance

    $ 34.00
    My Beautiful Perfume is BACK, just in time for the summer season (well, in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). This fragrance is for every woman who understands that she is the goddess of beauty and that it’s an honor to embody the curves, flow, creativity,...
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  • Return to the Sun Litha Crystal Grid

    to step into the light

    $ 44.00
    Come home to the light (and celebrate!) with this Return to the Sun Litha Crystal Grid. Litha, or summer solstice, falls on June 20 this year, and it’s one of the great fire festivals. It’s the Sun’s day and with the Sun at its maximum...
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  • Red Fire Amber

    for actualizing your dreams and boosting your courage

    $ 29.00
    Are you desiring to amplify your flicker into a full-on flame? Are you ready to burn brighter, deeper, wider, and higher? This Red Fire Amber from Indonesia will help you with just that and it’s perfect for the upcoming Beltane holiday. Beltane is the Celtic...
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