• Prayer for Prosperity Intention Candle

      for attracting abundance & success

      <p>This offering is the newest addition to our line of simple, elegant candles for prayer ceremonies. Aesthetically beautiful, energetically pure, and emotionally soothing, they were specially designed for moments of quiet stillness.</p>
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    • Clear Quartz Heart & Intuitive Perfume Sample Duo

      for setting intentions

      <p>This duo contains a gorgeous clear quartz heart and an intuitively chosen sample of handcrafted SG perfume. It’s a potent combination for setting and sealing your intentions.</p>
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    • Selenite Flower Charging Plate

      for cleansing your treasures

      <p>Selenite is a sweet, potent crystal that purifies spaces and raises the vibration. It radiates peace, pure white light, moon magic, and beauty. Add this charging plate to your collection to imbue your treasures with selenite and the flower’s cleansing, soothing vibrations.</p>
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    • Natural Golden Mica Cluster

      for confidence & deep spiritual healing

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Golden mica connects you with ancestral wisdom and the healing energies in the heavenly realm, promoting deep spiritual and physical healing. With its shiny, reflective layers, this mineral brings illumination, joy, and an empowering boost of self-confidence.</span></p>
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    • Hummingbird Spirit Animal Gemstone & Perfume Duo

      for freedom & lightness of being

      <p>This offering is the latest in our series of spirit animal sets. It combines crystal magic and aromatherapy to invoke the wisdom of our animal guardians — in this case, the mighty hummingbird.</p>
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    • Purple Chalcedony in Moss Agate Power Stone

      for grounding & healing

      <p>This piece holds such sweet maternal energy. It combines the calming, soothing vibrations of purple chalcedony with the profound healing properties of moss agate. The result of these minerals together gently grounds you in its nurturing embrace.</p>
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    • Palo Santo & White Sage Smudge Bundle

      for purification & peace

      <p>This all-natural bouquet features cleansing white sage coated in purifying palo santo resin. Together, these two sacred herbs powerfully clear and consecrate your space for ceremony, just as they did for our ancestors for thousands of years.</p>
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    • “Not Today Doris” Mini BeeBop

      for keeping the vibe high

      <p>Bad energy? Not today, Doris! This beebop is designed to keep ‘Doris’ (i.e., negative, funky energy) away. Work with this piece to block out the bad vibes so you can focus on living your best life!</p>
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    • Crystal Garden Flower Pot

      for spiritual growth

      <p>This terracotta pot was made just for SG. It features gorgeous clear quartz and elestial amethyst points ‘growing’ out of it. Place this piece anywhere in your sacred space to draw in higher-realm magic as your intentions blossom and flourish.</p>
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    • Terahertz Facial Roller

      for rejuvenation & relaxation

      <p>This piece has healing terahertz rollers and a terahertz handle supported by gold-colored stainless steel structuring. Work with this tool over a face mask or as the finishing touch to your skincare routine.</p>
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    • Reverse Turmeric Spot Stick

      for luminosity & goddess glow

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This stick contains a bouquet of brightening ingredients that target dark spots and even your skin tone. Incorporate this offering into your nightly skincare routine to reduce the appearance of dark spots and bring out that all-over goddess glow. </span></p>
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    • Crown Chakra Quartz Singing Bowl

      for spiritual connection

      Do you want to deepen your connection with Source and expand your consciousness? If so, this Crown Chakra Quartz Singing Bowl is the perfect offering for you. This stunning purple ombre bowl was custom-made just for Sage Goddess to open and activate your Crown Chakra...
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