• Bowl of Light Sun and Moon Gem Set

      $42.56 with coupon code
      Harness the power of Earth’s favorite celestial besties with this Bowl of Light Sun and Moon Gem Set! This offering features a gorgeous selenite bowl and intentionally selected gems that include labradorite, heliodor, dolomite, sunset sodalite, and clear quartz. Each promotes the unique qualities of...
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    • Raise the Energy Amplification Quartz Generator Ring

      $68.40 with coupon code
      What do you want to increase and experience more of in your life? More joy, love, abundance, opportunities? This Raise the Energy Amplification Quartz Generator Ring is not only a gorgeous piece of sacred adornment, it’s a powerful talisman that will support you in attracting...
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    • Peach Zebradorite Past Life Recall Sphere

      for soul memory and creativity

      $49.40 - $60.80 with coupon code
      Connect to the memories of your soul and your creativity with this beautiful and unique Peach Zebradorite Past Life Recall Sphere from Madagascar! Zebradorite is the stone of the soul’s memory - a powerful past life recall stone that helps with shamanic soul retrieval work...
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    • Natural Pollucite

      for angelic connection and developing your psychic gifts

      $11.40 - $53.20 with coupon code
      The celestial realms are here to help your psychic abilities grow with this Natural Pollucite from Pakistan! Pollucite is a super RARE stone in the zeolite family. It’s a high vibrational gem that facilitates angelic connection and psychic and mediumship development. Pollucite is a potent...
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    • Petrified Wood Ancient Wisdom Sphere

      for past-life recall and grounding

      $38.00 - $72.20 with coupon code
      Access the knowledge held in the depths of the Earth with this Petrified Wood Ancient Wisdom Sphere from Madagascar. Petrified wood is a member of the quartz family that resonates with the Earth Star Chakra, connecting you to ancestral and ancient wisdom. It’s a stone...
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    • Psychic Power Dumortierite Flame

      to enhance focus, insight, and intuition

      $38.00 - $68.40 with coupon code
      Burn away anything that prevents you from tapping powerfully into your insight and intuition with this gorgeous Psychic Power Dumortierite Flame. Dumortierite is a stone of psychic ability, divine inspiration, higher guidance, and mental discipline. It engages and activates the Third Eye Chakra, bringing enhanced...
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    • Calming and Grounding Garnet Unisex Ring

      to handle challenges easily

      $68.40 with coupon code
      Handle challenges like a pro with this Calming and Grounding Garnet Unisex Ring. This powerful piece is custom to SG and features a trillion cut garnet set in .925 sterling silver with a hammered finish. It’s designed to look amazing on anyone, and the band...
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    • Red Jasper Regeneration Vogel

      for a new start with restored balance

      $30.40 - $41.80 with coupon code
      Are you ready to hit the restart button on something in your life? This Red Jasper Regeneration Vogel is a perfect tool for rebooting. It removes unwanted energy and restores balance and grounding. Vogel crystals are named for a very special scientist, Marcel Vogel (1917-1991)....
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    • Faceted Hexagonal Red Aventurine Pyramid

      for regeneration and strength

      $49.40 - $64.60 with coupon code
      Bring in the powerful healing and transformative energy of sacred geometry with this Faceted Hexagonal Red Aventurine Pyramid! This red aventurine is from Brazil. A hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base with six isosceles triangular faces that meet at a point. Pyramids symbolize the union...
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    • Fountain of Youth Mookaite Jasper Sphere

      for timeless grace and beauty

      $20.52 - $44.84 with coupon code
      More than anything, maintaining beauty and youthfulness is a matter of how you feel about yourself. When we look beautiful, we feel beautiful. And when we feel beautiful, it shows on the outside! And this Fountain of Youth Mookaite Jasper Sphere will remind you of...
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    • Natural Stilbite for higher realm connection and inner wisdom

      $30.40 - $45.60 with coupon code
      If you seek a true connection to the higher realms and your own divine insight, this Natural Stilbite is your ally. With its loving, supportive energy, stilbite uplifts the spirit and gently draws upon the light of Source. It’s a gem that encourages past life...
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    • Self-Standing Lapis Lazuli Wishing Spheres for intuition and empowerment

      $45.60 - $53.20 with coupon code
      Like your innate intuition, these Self-Standing Lapis Lazuli Spheres stand on their own! They’re made of lapis lazuli, known as the Queen’s Stone. This gem enhances intuition, wisdom, and insight. Lapis lazuli also encourages confidence, courage, and good fortune. This special crystal represents telepathic conductivity...
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