• Blissful Bodhi and Soothing Smudgie Stuffies

    Welcome your new emotional support animal with open arms! If you missed out on my Virgo New Moon Stress Relief Set, now’s your chance to get in on the magic with these Blissful Bodhi and Soothing Smudgie Stuffies, custom-made just for Sage Goddess!  In case...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Friendship Bracelet

    for everlasting bonds

    Celebrate the bonds that transcend time and space with this Intuitively Chosen Friendship Bracelet! This colorful woven bracelet is the perfect token of care and appreciation to give to your loved ones, especially ones you can’t always be physically close to. Every bracelet also comes...
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  • Mandala Flash Tattoos

    for self-expression and beauty

    These Mandala Flash Tattoos are BACK to help you express yourself! You all know that I love my flash tattoos so much that I had my graphic designer create these custom tattoos just for Sage Goddess. Not only are they gorgeous, but they have a...
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  • Over the Moon Unicorn Zircon Necklace

    for believing

    Believe it – anything is possible with this NEW Over the Moon Unicorn Zircon Necklace. This stunning necklace features red, green, blue, and clear zircon sourced from China. This offering has a high-vibrational design with a crescent Moon and a unicorn on a classic nickel-free,...
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  • Over the Rainbow Zircon Necklace

    to manifest your dreams

    The dreams you dare to dream really do come true with this Over the Rainbow Zircon Necklace, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! This cute and playful necklace features a colorful enamel rainbow pendant with sparkly zircon clouds. It’s all held together in a gold-finished stainless...
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  • Fly Free Zircon Butterfly Pendant

    for manifesting change

    Manifest the positive change you want to see in your life with this NEW Fly Free Zircon Butterfly Pendant! I know how much you LOVE these pendants, and I’m so happy to share this piece with you. This gorgeous pendant is made from copper-coated nickel-free...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Zircon Butterfly Necklace

    for transformation

    Stay protected as your soul takes flight with this Intuitively Chosen Zircon Butterfly Necklace. This adorable necklace features a colorful butterfly with acrylic wings and zircon accent gemstones at the center with a golden-colored metal alloy chain attached. You could receive: Blue, yellow, purple, red,...
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  • Sacred Geometry Metallic Bracelet Flash Tattoos

    for individuality

    They’re BACK! Express your individuality through the magic of cosmic patterns with these Sacred Geometry Metallic Bracelet Flash Tattoos. You all know that I love my flash tattoos, especially the metallic variety you always see me wearing. I love them so much that I had...
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  • Beautiful Metallic Bracelet Tattoos

    for adornment

    They’re BACK! Have some fun and find inspiration as you adorn yourself with my Beautiful Metallic Bracelet Tattoos! You all know I love my flash tattoos, especially the metallic variety you always see me wearing. I love them so much, I had my talented team...
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  • Zodiac Flash Tattoos

    for cosmic wisdom

    Embody the power of the cosmos with these Zodiac Flash Tattoos, custom-designed right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters by my talented team of artists. If, like me, you cannot commit to a permanent tattoo idea but enjoy the prospect of adorning your body with artwork,...
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  • Transform Yourself Clear Quartz Butterfly

    to amplify growth

    Spread your wings and soar upon the winds of change with this Transform Yourself Clear Quartz Butterfly! The butterfly is an iconic symbol of transformation that brings forth energies of prosperity, happiness, and vision. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world...
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  • Butterfly Flash Tattoos

    for transformative beauty

    You’re never alone on your transformational journey — and these custom Butterfly Flash Tattoos are here to remind you of that! The butterfly is an iconic symbol of transformation and represents the soul, joy, change, and color. And you know that I love my flash...
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