• Intuitively Chosen Faerie Point Pendant

      for enchantment & crystal magic

      <p>Each pendant showcases a garnet cabochon above a gemstone point. You may receive amethyst, clear quartz, or rose quartz, all sourced from India.</p>
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    • Colored Pencil Set

      for color magic & creativity

      <p>This custom-made offering includes a rainbow of 12 colored pencils. Use these colored pencils to doodle, draw, document, and express yourself through color magic.</p>
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    • Fly Free Zircon Butterfly Pendant

      for manifesting change

      <p>This gorgeous pendant is made from copper-coated, nickel-free stainless steel, giving it a beautiful golden tone. White zircon and pink enamel embellish the sparkling butterfly shape.</p>
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    • Intuitively Chosen Tumbled Stone

      for surprise offerings

      Whether you’re just beginning your gemstone journey or are a seasoned collector, I have the perfect offering. Allow me to select the Intuitively Chosen Tumbled Stone that’s meant to come home to you! When you place your order, I will attune to your energy and...
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    • Goddess Moon Phase Flash Tattoos

      for feminine magic

      Celebrate your Divine Feminine nature and invoke the magic of Luna with these Goddess Moon Phase Flash Tattoos. You all know that I love my flash tattoos, especially the metallic variety you always see me wearing. I love them so much, I had my graphic...
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    • Crystal Discovery Set

      for the gemstone lovers in your life

      Introduce the kiddos in your life to the magical world of gemstones with this Crystal Discovery Set. Created with both kids and kids at heart in mind, this set comes with seven fun, colorful, and altogether eye-catching gemstones & minerals: Pyrite, fulgurite, fossilized dinosaur bone,...
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    • Rudolph’s Festive Adventure Set

      for Christmastime confidence & spreading holiday cheer

      Step into the holiday spirit and sprinkle it all around with this NEW Rudolph's Festive Adventure Set! We all know the story: A reindeer with an extra-large, shiny red nose gets teased by the other reindeer, all of whom have black noses. But one foggy...
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    • Sat Nam Static Stickers for Higher Realm connection and Divine truth

      Dear ones, these Sat Nam static stickers are not your ordinary stickers! Designed right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters by my very own talented team of artists, these removable stickers reverberate with powerful ancient magic that will transform your life and space. Place one on...
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    • Blissful Bodhi and Soothing Smudgie Stuffies

      Welcome your new emotional support animal with open arms! If you missed out on my Virgo New Moon Stress Relief Set, now’s your chance to get in on the magic with these Blissful Bodhi and Soothing Smudgie Stuffies, custom-made just for Sage Goddess!  In case...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Friendship Bracelet

      for everlasting bonds

      Celebrate the bonds that transcend time and space with this Intuitively Chosen Friendship Bracelet! This colorful woven bracelet is the perfect token of care and appreciation to give to your loved ones, especially ones you can’t always be physically close to. Every bracelet also comes...
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    • Over the Moon Unicorn Zircon Necklace

      for believing

      Believe it – anything is possible with this NEW Over the Moon Unicorn Zircon Necklace. This stunning necklace features red, green, blue, and clear zircon sourced from China. This offering has a high-vibrational design with a crescent Moon and a unicorn on a classic nickel-free,...
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    • Over the Rainbow Zircon Necklace

      to manifest your dreams

      The dreams you dare to dream really do come true with this Over the Rainbow Zircon Necklace, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! This cute and playful necklace features a colorful enamel rainbow pendant with sparkly zircon clouds. It’s all held together in a gold-finished stainless...
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