• Trimmings Perfume

      for power and passion

      $26.60 with coupon code
      Are you on the prowl for a sexy new signature scent? My Trimmings Perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a whopping 20 natural materials and is a great source of spiritual strength, confidence, and renewal! I crafted this blend to be...
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    • Sage Goddess Gift Cards

      for the Goddess in your life

      Not sure what to give the Goddess in your life? I’ve got you! Take the stress out of your decision-making with our Sage Goddess Gift Cards, and allow your loved one to choose their own adventure. We have beautiful gemstone assortments for the crystal lover...
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    • Goddess Lounge Pants

      for effortless beauty

      $29.64 with coupon code
      For me, the holiday season is all about cozying up around a blazing fire or a glowing Yule tree. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your standard pajama bottoms for something with a little Divine Feminine flair, these Goddess Lounge Pants are for you! These...
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    • Quartz and Green Aventurine Abundance Angel

      for prosperity and growth

      $38.00 with coupon code
      Call in the support of the celestial realm to manifest your heart’s desires with this Quartz and Green Aventurine Abundance Angel. Quartz expands and intensifies energy and activates the Soul Star Chakra, your connection to the stars and other dimensions. Green aventurine is the stone...
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    • Tumbled Sunstone

      for a jolt of creative spark, enthusiasm, and passion

      $2.28 with coupon code
      Awaken your creativity and passion with this Tumbled Sunstone. This gem carries the energy of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, bringing benevolence and positive energy to your sacred space. It activates the Sacral Chakra for creativity, passion, and enthusiasm and also energizes the Solar Plexus...
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    • Chevron Smoky Amethyst Points

      for healing, clearing, and detoxification

      $3.04 with coupon code
      Get your energy sparkling clean with these pretty Chevron Smoky Amethyst Points! Chevron amethyst, also known as banded amethyst and dream amethyst, is a combination of amethyst and white quartz. Smoky quartz is a protective healer that absorbs and transmutes the energies the body cannot...
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    • Raw Garnet and Fuchsite Love, Balance, and Healing Magic Ball

      $22.80 with coupon code
      If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one offering, look no further than this Raw Garnet and Fuchsite Love, Balance, and Healing Magic Ball! This natural piece is from Brazil and has a deep chatoyancy because of its special mix with fuchsite and some contain traces...
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    • Shiva and Shakti Grid

      for divine union

      $26.60 - $34.20 with coupon code
      The feminine and the masculine cannot exist without each other and a beautiful spectrum of how they express themselves lies within us all. If you’ve been seeking to invoke the divine union of these energies, then this custom-designed Shiva and Shakti Grid is the offering...
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    • Boho Moon Garland

      for accentuating your space with Luna’s vibes

      $15.20 with coupon code
      Infuse Luna’s magic into your sacred space with this sweet Boho Moon Garland. This rustic boho decor features resin moons on a wooden stick tied with hemp string. Bohemian (boho for short) decor is an aesthetic lifestyle that highlights culture, casualness, uniqueness, and a relaxed...
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    • Releasing Bronzite Palm Stone

      for letting go with grace

      $6.84 - $10.64 with coupon code
      Are you ready to move on to the next best chapter in your life? This Releasing Bronzite Palm Stone is here to help you let go of the past and embrace the future with grace. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone...
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    • Reimagine Retreat Tee

      for pre-order

      What if I told you that you could be anything you want to be? My Reimagine Virtual Retreat is all about envisioning a new you - one that’s fulfilled, motivated, and inspired, and creating a life that you can’t wait to live! This Reimagine Retreat...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Pisces Dream Charm

      for imagination

      $0.95 with coupon code
      Dare to dream with this adorable Intuitively Chosen Pisces Dream Charm. This charm comes in various shapes and sizes and features soothing colors and a brass-colored tin backing. Pisces is the dreamer: Naturally mystical, with one foot in this world and one in another. This...
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