• Rose Quartz Love Pills

    for love and healing

    Love pills? Fill my prescription ASAP!!. These Rose Quartz Love Pills are the soul nurturing medicine you’ve been waiting for. Rose quartz is the Mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. It gets...
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  • Unconditional Love Rose Quartz Ring

    for heart opening and healing

    If your heart could use some nurturing and compassion, this Unconditional Love Rose Quartz Ring is perfect for you! This adjustable .925 sterling silver ring with rose gold plating was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. The center is set with a rectangular rose quartz cabochon...
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  • Wild Abundance Yellow Aventurine with Fuchsite Heart

    Looking for a stone to empower you to manifest the life and love of your dreams? If so, this Wild Abundance Yellow Aventurine with Fuchsite Heart is your gem! This faceted heart was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and combines the magic of two crystals,...
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  • Seven Forms of Love Gemstone Set

    for loving vibrations

    They say love is the highest frequency — through it, anything is possible. If you’re looking for a vibrational boost in this area, this NEW Seven Forms of Love Gemstone Set was made for you! This set contains seven crystals that invoke seven different types...
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  • Love Smudge Bundle

    for inviting soul connections

    My Love Smudge Bundle is BACK and ready to fill your space with tender, loving vibes!! This smudge bundle was hand-wrapped right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with organic white sage along with gorgeous red and pink rose petals. It’s decorated with a beautiful wire-wrapped...
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  • Oud Dessert Intention Candle

    for sweet seduction

    Make your sweet Valentine’s Day dreams come true with this deliciously seductive Oud Dessert Intention Candle. It’s lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a light pink soy wax blend and infused with my customer-favorite Athena’s Oud Perfume Trio. This sensual collection of...
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  • Tantra Gift Set

    for love and passion

    In the mood for love? Heat things up this Valentine’s Day with this Tantra Gift Set, featuring everything you need for a sexy night in. All of these customer-favorite products are handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with my Tantra Perfume – a sensual...
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  • Tantra Massage Duo

    to spice up your nights

    Could your love life use a little more spice and connection? Get that intimacy back with this seductive Tantra Massage Duo! This duo comes with my intoxicating Tantra Massage Oil, which has a base of apricot kernel oil blended with my customer-favorite Tantra Perfume. It...
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  • Self-Love Crystal Grid

    for compassion and healing

    The most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself! This Self-Love Crystal Grid is here to bring compassion and healing so you can love yourself first and best. This offering has everything you need to create a crystal grid...
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  • Peaceful Love Pink Amethyst Heart

    for unity and balance

    Invite healing and unity to your relationships and life with this Peaceful Love Pink Amethyst Heart! This piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Brazil. Pink amethyst is a rare version of amethyst, with the same peaceful vibration and extra...
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  • Gentle Love Girasol Palm Stone

    for compassion

    How’s your heart doing? If it could use a little tender loving care, this Gentle Love Girasol Palm Stone is your gem! The stone for this piece was sourced from Madagascar. Girasol quartz is a variety of rose quartz, light and opalescent but translucent and...
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  • Spellbound Perfume

    to attract your heart’s desires

    Attract what your heart desires with my Spellbound Perfume. This sensual perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, with notes of jasmine for attraction, blackberry for protection, boysenberry for prosperity, and stargazer lily for harmony and purity. Each of these oils was chosen...
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