• Five Elements Crystal Bracelet

      for harmony and balance

      <p>Call upon the healing energies of the natural world! This crystal bracelet contains amethyst for spirit, peach moonstone with sunstone for fire, yellow fluorite for air, smoky quartz for earth, and aquamarine for water.</p>
    • Peach Moonstone and Sunstone Palm Stone

      for creativity

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Peach moonstone boosts creativity and brings artistic inspiration. It’s also a manifestation stone, especially in manifesting creative ideas and projects.</span></p>
    • Sunstone Vogel

      for healing the leader within

      <p>Sunstone is a leadership stone that activates and heals the Sacral Chakra — your center of vitality, sexual pleasure, and desire. Vogels act as laser pointers, directing the energy where it needs to go, and are very helpful for removing energy from your energy field.</p>
    • Sunstone Sphere for Creative Leadership

      and confidence

      Embrace your inner leader and activate your Sacral Chakra for otherworldly passion, creativity, and pleasure with this custom-made Sunstone Sphere for Creative Leadership! Sunstone is a type of feldspar with inclusions of small hematite crystals, which gives it a brilliant sparkle while promoting self-awareness and...
    • Fierce Confidence Confetti Sunstone Hair & Shawl Pin

      Recognize your true potential and awaken the leader within with this new Fierce Confidence Confetti Sunstone Hair & Shawl Pin, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! This gorgeous piece features a sleek, rose gold-colored metal alloy pin attached to a matching chain adorned with a single...
    • Lead with Passion Sunstone Wand

      for creativity and confidence

      Embrace your inner leader and channel otherworldly confidence with this Lead with Passion Sunstone Wand, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Sunstone helps you recognize and manifest your potential and is a great tool for developing organizational skills. When a decision needs to be made, this...
    • Fire Element Gemstone Duo

      for inspiration and purpose

      If you’re searching for inspiration or something to boost passion, creativity, and purpose — this Fire Element Gemstone Duo is perfect for the job! This offering comes with a tumbled fire agate to propel you to take action in your life, and a tumbled confetti...

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