• Stromatolite Bowl

      for ancient wisdom

      <p>This bowl is here to infuse your smudge bundles, gems, and magical tools with ancient wisdom. Stromatolite fossils carried the energy of the world before most of the plant, animal, and human life we know today existed.</p>
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    • Tumbled Mary Ellen Stromatolite Fossil

      for primordial energy

      Tap into the primordial wisdom and life-giving energy of Earth’s first living organisms with this Tumbled Mary Ellen Stromatolite Fossil — sourced from the Mary Ellen Mine in Minnesota, USA. Stromatolite fossils are billions of years old. It contains the knowledge of the ancient, primordial...
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    • Ancient Earth Wisdom Stromatolite Fossil

      It’s BACK! Call on the deep knowledge this world has to offer with this Ancient Earth Wisdom Stromatolite Fossil. The stone for this amazing offering was sourced from Morocco and is the oldest fossil that exists on the planet – each piece is billions of...
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