• Tumbled Mugglestone

      for stability & confidence

      <p>Sometimes, as crystals grow and take form, their magic combines to create an even more potent and precious mineral. Mugglestone is one of these multi-gemstone creations! It’s a rarity that combines tiger’s eye, hematite, and red and yellow jasper in a single stone.</p>
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    • Ganesha Red Jasper Incense Stick Holder

      for courage on your path

      Clear your way of obstacles and find the strength to achieve your goals in 2024 with this Ganesha Red Jasper Incense Stick Holder! This beautiful incense holder was hand-carved from red jasper in the shape of Ganesha, and the stone was sourced from India. It...
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    • Red Jasper Mini Vogel

      for strength and courage

      Feeling a little shaky in your boots? Stand in your power and confidently stride forward with the help of this Red Jasper Mini Vogel. This 6-sided Vogel is carved from red jasper, a powerful warrior stone that promotes courage. A properly cut Vogel crystal is...
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    • Denver Find: Skull Tower Sphere Holder

      for powerful protection and grounding

      Shadow season is just around the corner, and when I saw this piece at the Denver Gem Show, I just knew I had to bring it to you! This Skull Tower Sphere Holder features three skulls stacked on top of each other with a space...
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