• Tumbled White Dolomite

      for releasing negativity & grounding

      <p>White dolomite is a sedimentary stone primarily composed of calcium and magnesium — a combination that brings grounding, clarity, and spiritual growth. Work with this gemstone anytime you’re feeling scattered and feel yourself come back to balance.</p>
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    • Green Dolomite Dome

      for grounding & manifestation

      <p>Dolomite is a powerful stone for manifestation, grounding, and centering. It activates all of the chakras, but it has a special resonance with the Root Chakra. The dome shape promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health.</p>
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    • Chalcopyrite with Dolomite Rebirth Sphere

      Manifest major change in your life with this Chalcopyrite with Dolomite Rebirth Sphere! The stone for this beautiful sphere was sourced from China, and it features shimmering golden-colored chalcopyrite with pearly white dolomite inclusions. Chalcopyrite, also known as peacock ore and the Witch’s Stone, is...
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    • Natural Sided Pink Dolomite Love Manifesting Obelisk

      Could your heart use a little tending to? If so, this custom-made Natural Sided Pink Dolomite Love Manifesting Obelisk is for you. This is my very first time offering pink dolomite in the shop, and I couldn’t be more excited! Love is essential to life,...
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