• AAA-Grade Water Quartz Amplification Palm Stone

    $ 7.00
    You’re in flow with mega-magnified intentions with this AAA-Grade Water Quartz Amplification Palm Stone from India. This gem is the absolute highest quality you can find. Water quartz is a variety of clear quartz, with all the same properties. Clear quartz is the most popular...
  • Tumbled Rutilated Quartz

    for transforming with grace

    $ 3.00
    This Tumbled Rutilated Quartz has something to tell you! Rutilated quartz brings major transformation and can draw change to your environment, yourself, and your relationships. The beautiful rutile inclusions represent shifting from within. And the strands of rutile hold and bring information about your transformation....
  • Clear Quartz Soul Star Mala

    to connect to other dimensions

    $ 49.00
    Connect with other dimensions with this Clear Quartz Soul Star Mala! This mala was custom-made for SG and features 108 clear quartz beads strung on a white cord with a white Chinese silk tassel. Clear quartz activates the Soul Star Chakra, your connection to the...
  • Green Thumb Goddess Crystal Plant Stick

    for inspiration

    $ 19.00
    Give your garden some extra love with this Green Thumb Goddess Crystal Plant Stick from India. Custom-carved for SG from clear quartz, rose quartz, green aventurine, and moss agate, this stick will give your garden the boost it needs to flourish. Each stick features gold-colored...
  • Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Full

    for celebration

    $ 5.50
    I love moon magic and that’s why I created a collection of Moon Phase Gemstone Trios. This Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Full honors the full moon phase, when the Moon is at its brightest. When the Moon is full, it’s in its whole radiance and...
  • Clear Quartz Great Luck Ganesha

    to magnify success

    $ 29.00
    Overcome barriers with ease and turn the dial up on your success with this Clear Quartz Great Luck Ganesha from India! Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason! It amplifies, magnifies, and you can program it to do almost anything. Ganesha is...
  • Clear Quartz Point Magical Rune Set

    for divining guidance

    $ 19.00
    What messages await you? This super cool Clear Quartz Point Magical Rune Set from India is here to help you divine your answers! These rune points were custom-made just for SG and are carved from clear quartz - the gem that amplifies, magnifies, and that...
  • Natural Pakimer Diamond

    for elevated vibrations and psychic channeling

    $ 2.00$ 4.00
    Keep your energetic resonance and vibration high with this gorgeous Natural Pakimer Diamond. Pakimer diamond? What’s that?! Well, it’s like a Herkimer diamond that’s mined in Pakistan instead of Herkimer, New York. (Get it? Pakimer, Herkimer? You got it!) It’s new to SG and has...
  • Clear Quartz Quan Yin

    for amplifying compassion and kindness

    $ 27.00
    Amplify compassion and empathy with this beautiful Clear Quartz Quan Yin from China! This sacred tool resembles my personal rose quartz Quan Yin carving, honoring this Buddhist goddess of benevolence, mercy, and kindness. It’s custom-made just for SG and carved from clear quartz - the...
  • Priestess Peacock Pendulum

    for expressing your truest nature fearlessly

    $ 225.00
    You know we love peacocks here at SG so you KNOW we’re in love with this Priestess Peacock Pendulum. This pendulum was custom-designed for SG and made in India from PURE sterling silver. It features a faceted quartz point and gems that include green onyx...
  • Zeus’ Wand with Zeus Perfume

    for the strength of the gods

    $ 49.00$ 79.00
    Are you ready to magnify your magic quicker than you can say “Mount Olympus”? If so, this Zeus' Wand with Zeus Perfume is your offering. This wand from India was custom-made for SG from clear quartz. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good...
  • Clear Quartz Crescent Moon

    for magnified celestial magic

    $ 29.00$ 49.00
    Your celestial powers will reach the farthest galaxies with this Clear Quartz Crescent Moon from India! This piece has been lovingly carved with a sweet moon face out of clear quartz – the most pervasive gem in the world! Clear quartz has three major properties:...
  • Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagonal Pyramid

    to magnify your intentions

    $ 54.00$ 84.00
    Bring in the powerful healing and transformative energy of sacred geometry with this Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagonal Pyramid! This ultra-faceted hexagonal-based pyramid is from Brazil! A hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base with six isosceles triangular faces that meet at a point. Pyramids symbolize the...
  • Athena’s Magical Quartz Pendulum

    for amplifying psychic abilities

    $ 399.00
    Get ready to swing into action again with Athena’s Magical Quartz Pendulum! This pendulum is so powerful (and popular!), I had to bring it back. This faceted clear quartz pendulum is set in an intricate .925 sterling silver frame and it’s filled with crystal magic!...
  • Magical Alchemy Medallion

    for transformation and evolution

    $ 33.00
    If you’re ready to transform into a new version of yourself, this Magical Alchemy Medallion is BACK and ready to be your companion on the journey. This custom-made offering is bronze with a .925 sterling silver overlay. This medallion is made of faceted clear quartz...
  • Angel Aura Quartz Perfume Pendulum with Hologram Perfume Dram

    $ 44.00
    Bring fragrance to your divination practice with this Angel Aura Quartz Perfume Pendulum with Hologram Perfume Dram! This perfume pendulum was custom-made for SG, carved from angel aura treated clear quartz. This unique piece allows you to infuse you and your perfumes with the divine...

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