• Maligano Jasper Pyramid for Spiritual Transformation

      $30.03 with coupon code
      Ready for a spiritual level-up? This custom-made Maligano Jasper Pyramid for Spiritual Transformation is your gem! This potent crystal will guide your soul through an era of change and expansion. Maligano jasper is a variety of brecciated jasper discovered in a small village in Indonesia....
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    • Tiger’s Eye Reiki Pyramid

      for empowerment and vitality

      $19.25 with coupon code
      Whether you’re an experienced healer in search of a gem to assist your practice or are simply looking to strengthen and rejuvenate your own body, mind, and spirit, this Tiger’s Eye Reiki Pyramid is the perfect tool. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess,...
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    • Infinite Protection Agate Mini Pyramid

      for shielding & strength

      $6.16 with coupon code
      Channel powerful energetic shielding with this Infinite Protection Agate Mini Pyramid! This mighty mini pyramid is carved from gray agate and has eight sides. Eight is the number of abundance and infinity. It represents abundant flow, wisdom, and prosperity of mind, body, and spirit. Combined...
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    • Banded Golden Calcite Power Pyramid

      for a vortex of healing energy

      $19.25 with coupon code
      Heal the mother wound with this Banded Golden Calcite Power Pyramid. Golden, or honey calcite, is a stone that empowers your creative flow, raises your vibration, and helps heal maternal relationships. The pyramid is a sacred symbol across many cultures and has been for millennia....
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    • Blue Aventurine Enhanced Intuition Pyramid

      for psychic awakening

      $16.17 with coupon code
      Tap into your spiritual gifts and propel your psychic awakening with this Blue Aventurine Enhanced Intuition Pyramid! Blue aventurine is a powerful stone of the Blue Ray, which increases intuition and activates the Third Eye Chakra. This gem enhances focus and opens you to receive...
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    • Selenite White Light Pyramid

      for uplifting peace

      $9.24 with coupon code
      Uplift frequencies of tranquility and peace with this Selenite White Light Pyramid. Selenite is a soft gypsum gem that forms as water evaporates in clay beds and hot springs. This stone clears energy and radiates peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power...
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    • Mini Clear Quartz Amplified Energy Pyramid

      $3.85 with coupon code
      How would you like to create a powerful vortex of elevated vibes? This custom-made Mini Clear Quartz Amplified Energy Pyramid is perfect for the job! Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification....
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    • African Bloodstone Master Healer Pyramid

      $23.10 with coupon code
      Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with this African Bloodstone Master Healer Pyramid. Bloodstone is my favorite stone for pain relief. Also known as setonite, African bloodstone is a variety of deep-green chalcedony, a crypto-crystalline quartz with red jasper flecks — the drops of red...
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    • Shed Your Skin Snakeskin Jasper Pyramid

      for transformation

      $26.18 with coupon code
      Like a snake that sheds its skin when it outgrows it, we too must shed what no longer serves us. Let go of all that is holding you back so you can grow into the best version of yourself with this Shed Your Skin Snakeskin...
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    • Shiva Lingam Mini Passion Pyramid

      for kundalini magic

      $7.70 with coupon code
      Magnify your intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure with this Shiva Lingam Mini Passion Pyramid! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Shiva lingam is one of the most powerful gems on the planet for enhancing sexual energy and...
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    • Heart Healing Pink Tourmaline in Matrix Pyramid

      $65.45 - $118.58 with coupon code
      Open up to love with this Heart Healing Pink Tourmaline in Matrix Pyramid, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! Pink tourmaline heals the heart like no other and promotes wellness, receptivity, grace, and unconditional love. It gets its pink color from trace amounts of manganese, which...
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    • Grounded in Love Pink Petrified Wood Pyramid

      $26.18 with coupon code
      Deeply connect with the Earth’s infinite compassion and wisdom with this Grounded in Love Pink Petrified Wood Pyramid. Pink petrified wood is a natural combination of petrified wood and hematite. Petrified wood holds the power and energy of the Earth, connecting that life force with...
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