• K2 Gua Sha Tool

    for radiant skin

    Combine an indulgent and relaxing skincare routine with spiritual healing and growth with this custom-made K2 Gua Sha Tool. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese skincare and massage practice in which a small stone tool is gently rubbed across the face or other parts of...
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  • Zodiac Crystal Wand Series: Blue Kyanite for Libra

    If you missed out on my Claim Your Beauty and Charm the World Libra Full Moon Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! I’m so excited to share the next offering in my Zodiac Crystal Wand Series: Blue Kyanite for...
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  • Purifying Shungite Facial Roller

    for youthful skin

    If you’re seeking beauty on the inside and out, this offering is for you! This Purifying Shungite Facial Roller is a wonderful tool for clearing negative energy, relaxing facial muscles, and firming and depuffing your eyes and face. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess,...
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  • Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Star

    for celestial knowledge

    Call on otherworldly knowledge with this NEW Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Star. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and I’m SO excited to share it with you – I’ve had bismuth in my Live Gem and Mineral Sales, but this is the first time...
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  • Heart-Shaped African Bloodstone Kabuki Brush

    for beauty

    Infuse crystal healing into your beauty rituals for added vitality, stamina, and rejuvenation with this Heart-Shaped African Bloodstone Kabuki Brush, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in the shape of a heart. Kabuki brushes evenly distribute makeup, such as foundation, blush, bronzer, and other loose powders...
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  • Titanium Aura Glass Courageous Buddha

    for inner strength

    Enhance your personal power and revitalize your sense of bravery and strength with this Titanium Aura Glass Courageous Buddha. Titanium aura glass is created when glass is bonded with titanium, bringing its own benefits, including strength, courage, endurance, tenacity, and a banishing of fear. This...
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  • Ocean Jasper Tea Light Holder

    for bright positivity

    Illuminate your space with energies of joy and playfulness with this beautiful Ocean Jasper Tea Light Holder, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Ocean jasper is a favorite among many of my followers, and for a good reason — it’s the Happiness Stone. I like to...
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  • Gemstone Ganesha for Clearing Obstacles

    in green aventurine or clear quartz

    Clear the path to ultimate abundance with this Gemstone Ganesha for Clearing Obstacles, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! Ganesha is the ancient, elephant-headed Hindu god of success and the great remover of obstacles. This small yet potent carved Ganesha is sure to clear anything standing...
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  • Super 7 Channeling Stone

    for profound healing

    If you’re searching for the perfect tool for deep healing on all levels, look no further than this Super 7 Channeling Stone. Super 7 is a combination of seven potent minerals — amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite, and lepidocrocite. This is one...
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  • Bismuth Peacock to Show Your True Colors

    for self-expression

    This custom-made Bismuth Peacock to Show Your True Colors isn’t only a beautiful emblem of self-expression — it’s also a powerful tool for insight and wisdom! Bismuth is a naturally occurring metalloid on the periodic table, but it gains its rainbow of colors through a...
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  • Crescent Moon Labradorite Bowl

    for setting intentions

    Anything is possible with this gorgeous Crescent Moon Labradorite Bowl! This custom-made beauty will bring some serious lunar magic to your thoughts and actions when it’s time to set and revisit your intentions. Labradorite brings hope, possibility, and kindles your inner fire like its brilliant...
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  • Moss Agate Leaf for Healing

    to find the silver lining

    Find the silver lining in any situation with this Moss Agate Leaf for Healing! This enchanting piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from China. Moss agate stone is revered by medicine people around the world for its dendritic inclusions that hold...
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