• A-Grade Lemurian Blue Calcite Sphere

      for healing wisdom

      $37.73 - $41.58 with coupon code
      <p>Lemurian blue calcite is a magical gem that brings happiness and peace. It powerfully deflects negative energies and helps you attain emotional balance and self-control. It’s also brilliant when it comes to harmonizing the masculine and feminine aspects of one’s self for total balance within.</p>
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    • Tumbled Picasso Jasper for grounding, protection, and balance

      $1.54 with coupon code
      My jaw dropped the first time I saw this stone. Picasso jasper is not only exquisitely beautiful (truly, it bears such eccentric, sweeping markings, it looks as if Picasso himself painted each and every piece!), but it is also one of the rarest forms of...
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    • Tumbled Hiddenite

      for heart-healing and release

      $4.62 - $8.47 with coupon code
      Reveal your heart’s hidden wisdom with this Tumbled Hiddenite. Hiddenite, or green spodumene, is a Heart Chakra stone that reveals what’s hidden from view — including your subconscious feelings and energies that no longer serve your highest purpose. This rare variety of spodumene gets its...
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    • Tumbled Azurite and Chrysocolla in Petrified Wood

      $2.31 with coupon code
      Enhance your intuition and channel ancestral wisdom with this Tumbled Azurite and Chrysocolla in Petrified Wood sourced from China. Every element of this gem holds its own healing magic. Azurite is a Third Eye Chakra gem of psychic mastery, intellect, vision, and confidence. Chrysocolla resonates...
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    • Protective Petrified Palm Wood Palm Stone

      for grounding

      $14.63 - $17.71 with coupon code
      Invite gentle grounding and feelings of security with this Protective Petrified Palm Wood Palm Stone, custom-made for Sage Goddess and sourced from Indonesia. Petrified palm wood carries eons worth of cosmic energy. Petrified palm wood is gently grounding, brings peace, and serves as a powerful...
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    • Gemstone Sale: Natural Golden Mica with Black Tourmaline

      Experience ultimate protection and healing with this Natural Golden Mica with Black Tourmaline. This collectible piece is a combo of golden mica with black tourmaline inclusions. Golden mica is a mineral that’s been worked with since ancient times and invokes ancestral wisdom and promotes both...
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    • Double Terminated Lemurian Blue Calcite Wand

      for ascension

      $18.48 with coupon code
      <p>Lemurian blue calcite is one of the key gemstones of spiritual ascension with a strong vibrational connection to Source. Said to originate from Lemuria, a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture that held a deep connection to the cosmos, this gem’s gentle vibration reminds you of its healing power and lineage.</p>
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    • Tucson Unpacking: Intuitively Chosen Natural Etched Beryl

      for high vibes

      $13.09 - $20.79 with coupon code
      Raise the vibe with another incredible find from the Tucson Gem Show! I’m SO excited to bring you this Intuitively Chosen Natural Etched Beryl. Beryl is found all over the world and is renowned for its dazzling colors and uplifting properties. This offering is etched,...
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    • Tree Agate Grounding Sphere

      for nurturing from nature

      Anchor yourself into the nurturing embrace of nature itself with this Tree Agate Grounding Sphere! The stone for this gorgeous offering was sourced from India, and I’ve never offered it in this shape before. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the wisdom...
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    • Tumbled Pink Petalite with Lepidolite

      for peace of mind

      $3.85 with coupon code
      Relax and allow your worries to melt away with this NEW Tumbled Pink Petalite with Lepidolite sourced from Namibia. This is the first time I’ve offered you this rare gem combination in tumbled form, and it has such sweet, beautiful energy. Every stone contains both...
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    • Shungite Sacred Geometry Set

      for universal purification

      $30.03 with coupon code
      Discover the deep mysteries of the universe while purifying your space with this NEW Shungite Sacred Geometry Set! The stone for this set was sourced from Russia. Shungite is almost pure carbon, which is a master healer. It’s the most powerful energetic filter, and if...
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    • Petrified Palm Root Sphere and Sphere Stand Duo

      for grounding

      $33.88 - $41.58 with coupon code
      Radiate peace and stability throughout your space with this Petrified Palm Root Sphere and Sphere Stand Duo. The stone for this duo was sourced from Indonesia. Petrified palm root was created by enormous pressure that transformed the root and wood of the Indonesian palm over...
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    • Golden Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Yellow Aventurine Solar Plexus Chakra Sphere

      $38.50 with coupon code
      Increase your confidence and easily make things happen in your life with this Golden Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Yellow Aventurine Solar Plexus Chakra Sphere. This beautiful piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from India. This is the next in...
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    • Tumbled Blue Apatite

      for celestial connection and intuition

      $2.31 with coupon code
      Connect with your intuition and the powers-that-be with this Tumbled Blue Apatite! Blue apatite is a guidance stone and brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, angels, and archangels. We all have spirit guides who want to help us embody our highest purpose. They’re...
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    • Gemstone Sale: Lemurian Blue Calcite Free-Form Polished

      $53.90 - $69.30 with coupon code
      This Polished Free-Form Lemurian Blue Calcite holds the wisdom of Lemuria - an ancient matriarchal civilization that was deeply connected with the cosmos. Lemurian blue calcite brings happiness and peace. It deflects negative energies, encourages emotional balance and self-control, and helps you unlock past-life memories...
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    • Natural Golden Skeletal Elestial Quartz

      for cosmic growth

      $6.16 - $46.20 with coupon code
      Are you looking for a powerful connection to your highest self? This Natural Golden Skeletal Elestial Quartz from Brazil is a crystal of spiritual empowerment. It embodies the medicine of growth and works as a catalyst of change and transformation. Natural Golden Skeletal Elestial Quartz...
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