POP III – Energy Management

Pillar III: Energy Management

With each successive Pillar of Priestessing we study, I believe we come closer to understanding the deep complexity of space holding and what it means to be a magician, a practitioner of magical and spiritual arts, someone whose goal it is to evolve and grow and connect more deeply with Spirit and then, like the Hermit, light the way through darkness for others who follow closely behind or next to us.

Energy management and vibrational monitoring are critical skills for the priestess. One she has crossed the threshold into liminal space and opened a container of energy for others to work and explore within, her job is to become the barometer of energy in the field.

What does that mean? When you hold space, the way your space feels, and looks, and smells, and even tastes is your responsibility. Creating a safe, multi-sensory experience for those in your space is critical. Monitoring what is happening at any given moment is not easy because most people who are held in sacred space can’t be “asked” how they feel or what they need; they may not even know. So you have to intuit and interpret, sense and feel, decide and respond. Then assess again: Did your response shift the energy, address the needs, soothe the discomfort or fear, or allow for the highest vibrations to emerge?

Cultivating an ability to guide, interpret, read, and direct energies is one of the most important tasks for a priestess. It requires a deep release of ego so that you can see and experience ritual and ceremony from the perspective of participants, not simply from your perspective as leader and circle keeper. Following are some journal prompts to help you explore your relationship to energy management as well as my Top Five tips for energy management in sacred circle.


1) Where is my ego manifesting in my work right now? What aspects of my spiritual life are showing me a mirror of my ego and how can I best acknowledge these reflections?

2) How do I sense energies in my spaces today? What is my process for seeing, smelling, and sensing energies? Am I mindful of how I enter a space (going back to our lessons on thresholding) and do I take care to be a good observer of how people and even objects are responding to the way my spaces feel?