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Magic of Israel

Ancient Israel, also known as the Kingdom of Israel, was a civilization that was governed under one “true” God named Yahweh, who guided Moses as he led the Israelites out of Egypt. Ancient Israel was considered the Golden Age during the rule of King David and his son Solomon, as it was a strong, prosperous, and united civilization. Israel’s belief in one God was unique and promoted a high, ethical standard among its people. The heart of their religion lies in the Ten Commandments, which have been the foundation of Jewish and Christian ethics ever since. Yahweh is a God of love; one with an insatiable amount of mercy and generosity.

The magnificent presence of God is known as Shekinah, the Divine Feminine aspect. Shekinah is the spirit who dwells within and among the people; the breath of God who only responds in love and light. Shekinah lives within our world to speak through those who are pure of heart, lighting their path through the darkness. Shekinah serves to connect people to God and instill them with Divine love. Shekinah is the Divine inspiration, the advocate, the guide, and the soul that breathes within us.

Shekinah is a metonym for God and the personification of Ruah ha-Kodesh (the Holy Spirit) who represents the Divine voice in the Torah. Jewish people see Shekinah, or Ruah ha-Kodesh, as part of God. God is not Masculine or Feminine, but an entity who embodies both. The intimate power of Shekinah is an essential part of Judaism that reflects the ancient traditions surrounding the Divine Feminine presence of God.

Joel 2:28-32

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
Your old men will dream dreams,
Your young men will see visions.
Even on my servants, both men and women,
I will pour out my Spirit in those days.
I will show wonders in the heavens
and on the earth


This is a ritual to heal and integrate the Divine Feminine. Shekinah means “she who dwells within” – and so, we will step back into her light in search of balance. We are born with energetic complexities of both masculine and feminine energies, but they aren’t always in harmony with one another. It is important to acknowledge the presence of both in order to understand just how powerful each is.

During this Sabbatical class, we will integrate the masculine and feminine energies within all of us. We will restore this fundamental balance as we harness the power and presence of Shekinah!

First, burn white sage to lift the room, inviting in only the pure, positive vibrations. All ritual must always begin by removing any negative vibrations from your space. With your eyes closed, stay in the connected beam of white light.

Anoint your left wrist with my Divine Feminine Perfume, created with heart-healing notes of rosemary, myrrh, and rose de mai to help you invoke love and nourishment to your spirit.

Anoint your right wrist with my Divine Masculine Perfume, created with protective and purifying notes of frankincense, cypress, and cassia to help you enhance clairvoyance and invoke deep healing.

Allow your Divine Energy Candle to serve as your centerpiece. Place the stones around yourself, or in your hands, as you sit in front of your candle. Then, light your candle, come into present time, take three deep breaths, and visualize your Feminine aspects merging with your Masculine. Sometimes, these energies can appear in different colors. Sometimes, you can feel, hear, or even taste them in meditation. What do you see? What do you feel? Is one energy stronger than the other? Concentrate and heal that energy that seems weaker and bring it into alignment. Visualize what you want and say it out loud.

Sabbatical Tool Set

This set is filled with tools intentionally chosen to help you invoke the presence and power of Shekinah.

I chose rosemary, myrrh, and rose de mai for my Divine Feminine Perfume and frankincense, cypress, and cassia for my Divine Masculine Perfume. Anoint yourself, your candle, and your stones with these blends to invoke Shekinah’s blessings. Allow the Divine Feminine energies of Shekinah to integrate with the Divine Masculine energies of Source.

Your bottle of Divine Feminine Perfume has been infused with a rose quartz chip stone to fill you with unconditional love. Your bottle of Divine Masculine Perfume has been infused with a tiger’s eye chip stone to help you invoke wisdom, courage, and protection.

Use the Divine Energy Candle in this set – which is rolled with two sheets of beeswax – to represent the balance of masculine and feminine energies. By burning this candle,  you unite the two, bridging the gap within yourself and others.

Your stone duo includes one diopside and one yellow dendritic opal. These stones are intended for use during ritual.

Diopside is a stone of healing, balance, and Earth connection. This magical gem will create a powerful tie between you and the natural world and will lead you to integrate your spirit with the spirit of Mother Nature.

Yellow opal is a stone for balance of strength and kindness; strength for the masculine and kindness for the feminine. Yellow dendritic opal is a Solar Plexus stone, as it helps you invoke vitality and energy for a second chance at a fresh start. The addition of dendrite helps you see the areas within yourself that need balance, and gives you the ability to make course corrections to bring things into alignment.

Place your custom-made SG canvas art on your altar and use your stone set to place as you feel called during class.