Iolite Guide: Properties and Meaning

Iolite Properties

Color: Violet, blue
Mohs Hardness: 7-7.5
Chakra: Third Eye
Crystal Structure:Orthorhombic
Location: Global

About Iolite

Iolite, also known as Cordierite Iolite, is a powerful Viking stone associated with the Third Eye chakra. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual awareness. Its color ranges from violet to blue, closely associated with the Third Eye chakra. Iolite provides direction and clarity during travels, making it an excellent stone for those who are always on the go. It is highly regarded for its guidance in achieving sacred and divine peace, making it a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practices. Overall, Iolite helps individuals connect with their inner selves and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

The history of Iolite

The history of Iolite dates back to ancient times. Vikings used this gemstone as a navigational tool during their voyages. Due to its ability to polarize light, Iolite helped the Vikings determine the position of the sun on cloudy days, aiding their navigation across the seas. This unique property of Iolite earned it the nickname “Viking’s Compass.” In addition to its practical use, Iolite also held spiritual significance for the Vikings. They believed that this gemstone could help them connect with the divine and gain insight into their journeys. Today, Iolite continues to be cherished for its historical significance and its powerful metaphysical properties.

What are the healing properties of Iolite?

Iolite enhances intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual awareness. It provides direction and clarity during travels and offers guidance for achieving sacred and divine peace. It helps individuals connect with their inner selves and achieve a deeper understanding of the world around them.

What are the metaphysical/spiritual properties of Iolite?

Iolite is associated with the Third Eye chakra and is known as a powerful Viking stone. Its color ranges from violet to blue, which corresponds to the Third Eye chakra. It is an excellent stone for meditation and spiritual practices, as it enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. It also provides guidance and clarity for those who are always on the go.

Iolite FAQ

What is Iolite used for?

Iolite is used for various purposes, including jewelry making, crystal healing, and spiritual practices. Its beautiful blue-violet color makes it a popular gemstone for creating stunning pieces of jewelry. Additionally, Iolite has metaphysical properties that can enhance intuition, creativity, and self-expression.

What does Iolite do?

Iolite has several beneficial properties. It enhances inner vision, helping individuals gain clarity and insight into their own thoughts and emotions. Iolite also stimulates the imagination and enhances creativity. Some people use Iolite as a tool for meditation, as it facilitates a deep state of relaxation and spiritual connection.

Can Iolite go in water?

Yes, Iolite is generally safe to be submerged in water. However, it is always recommended to check with a gemstone expert or jeweler to ensure that your specific Iolite gemstone is suitable for water exposure. Some gemstones may be more delicate or porous, and prolonged exposure to water could potentially damage them.

How to cleanse Iolite?

To cleanse Iolite, you can use various methods such as placing it under running water, burying it in the earth, or using smoke from sacred herbs like sage or palo santo. Another popular method is to cleanse Iolite by placing it on a bed of quartz crystals overnight. This helps to recharge its energy and remove any negative or stagnant vibrations.

What does Iolite do spiritually?

Spiritually, Iolite enhances psychic abilities and intuition. It opens the third eye chakra, allowing individuals to access higher realms of consciousness and spiritual guidance. Iolite also assists in past-life regression and helps individuals connect with their spiritual purpose and inner wisdom.

How to clean Iolite?

To clean Iolite, you can use a soft cloth or brush with mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub the gemstone to remove any dirt or oils. Avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners, as they may damage the stone. After cleaning, rinse the Iolite thoroughly and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

How to spot fake Iolite?

To spot fake Iolite, it is important to look for certain characteristics. Genuine Iolite will have a distinct blue-violet color, often with a slight grayish tinge. It may also display pleochroism, meaning it appears different colors from different angles. Additionally, genuine Iolite will have a hardness of around 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. If the gemstone appears too perfect, too cheap, or lacks these characteristics, it may be a fake.

Is Iolite toxic?

No, Iolite is not toxic. It is a naturally occurring gemstone composed of minerals and does not contain any harmful substances. However, it is always important to handle gemstones with care and avoid ingesting them.

Where is Iolite found?

Iolite is found in various locations around the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States. It is often mined alongside other gemstones and minerals in these regions. The quality and color of Iolite can vary depending on its origin.

How is Iolite pronounced?

Iolite is pronounced as “eye-oh-lite.” The emphasis is on the second syllable, and the “I” is pronounced like the letter “I” in the word “eye.”

What chakra is associated with Iolite?

Iolite is primarily associated with the third eye chakra, also known as the sixth chakra. This chakra is located in the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows. Activating and balancing the third eye chakra with Iolite enhances intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight.

Can Iolite be in the sun?

Yes, Iolite can be exposed to sunlight without any issues. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the color of the gemstone to fade over time. It is generally recommended to store Iolite in a cool, dark place when not in use to preserve its color and vibrancy.

How to charge Iolite?

To charge Iolite, you can place it in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours. The energy from the sun or moon will help to recharge and revitalize the gemstone. Alternatively, you can also charge Iolite by placing it on a bed of quartz crystals or using other cleansing and charging methods like sound or visualization.

What is the hardness of Iolite?

Iolite has a hardness of around 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. This means it is relatively durable and resistant to scratches. However, it is still important to handle Iolite with care and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could potentially damage its surface.

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