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The Magic of Sumeria
Part 1

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2018! I am so excited to enter the World of Magic with you as we embark upon our new 12-month curriculum of classes. This year, to keep things fresh and interesting, I will provide you with new class content at regular points throughout the month. We’ll let you know on Facebook when we’ve added something new! Visit this page regularly to expand your awareness and deepen your knowledge in preparation for our monthly class.

Welcome to the first stop on our journey around the World of Magic. I am beyond excited to share the magic of Sumeria, the cradle of history, with you. To understand Sumerian magic, we need to first see life from ancient Sumerian perspective. In Mesopotamia, the gods and goddess came first, and humankind was placed on the Earth to serve them. There was equality between the sexes, and between gods and goddesses, an empowering example of balance between masculine and feminine energies. These salt-of-the-earth people maintained a three-fold economy, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing (including exploration and trade). They valued civility, service, peaceful negotiations, devotion, sacrifice, sensuality, the art of love, and reverence. The intact family was central to Sumerian society, and the household was synonymous with the temple, and the woman of the house was the Great Goddess herself.

Wisdom was of the utmost importance to ancient Sumerians. Wisdom was not of the moral sort, rather, it was the knowledge of the gods and goddesses, ritual and invocations. Ritual was the highest priority, and every act was ritualized, there was no division between the mundane and the spiritual. The literal laying-on of hands and the magic of touch was a healing life force exchange between humans, and could signify the blessings or curses from the hands of the gods and goddesses. The Great Temple received offerings three times a day, everyday, and more at great moon festivals. The moon was the symbol of the sacred in the Heavens, and the entire society of Sumeria was built around a moon cult. Women harness the power of the moon within, and the origin of ritualistic observations comes from the relationship between the menses and the lunar phases. Seclusion during menses was a way to harness and contain the immense power of menstruation. We know that when a woman is on her Moon, she is especially sensitive, psychic, intuitive, and spiritually connected. She is closer to the Mystery.

GemWise Kit 12_12 FEATUREDThe Sumerians were the first to document disease and treatment, and all procedures and remedies were performed in the name of the gods. Sumerian Cuneiform was the first written language, and Enheduanna, the High Priestess of Sumeria, is the first documented author and poet. Enheduanna, a devotee of Inanna, brought rise to the first Cult of the Goddess, which became the foundation for all goddess worshipping cultures thereafter. Inanna is the Queen of the Heavens, later known as Ishtar, Venus, and Aphrodite, exalted above all other gods and goddesses. She is both the container and that which is contained; both masculine and feminine in divine nature. Enheduanna’s hymns to Inanna reawaken us as Divine women of the Goddess, and acknowledge the value and inherent Divinity of men. Sumeria teaches us much about our relationships with wisdom, worship, nature, Divinity, feminine power, and the balance of energies within and without.

During Gem Wise’s year-long journey across the world of magic, I will bring you gemstones and crystals that were used in rituals, adornment, and ancient magical practices, or align with the theme of our monthly focus. This month in Gem Wise, we will be focusing on gemstones of the feminine power and the magic of Sumeria – how they may have been used in rituals and ceremonies, how they may have awakened the feminine power of this ancient civilization, and how they still carry the energy of this wise civilization into our present day. No matter if you’re brand new to gems or more experienced and knowledgeable, this class is a place for all to take their learning deeper. If you’re new to Gem Wise, welcome! And if you were with me in 2017, I can’t wait to continue our sacred journey together.

Crystals grow naturally in the shape of polyhedra, which are solid shapes whose faces are polygons. Crystals are the closest physical representations of the Platonic Solids that we have. Though they are not perfectly formed as Plato’s ideals were, they offer us a good tangible example. We can look to specific crystal energies to activate this latent store of liminal sight. Certain distinct stones and gems vibrate at the exact right frequency to crack your untapped field of vision wide open. They are powerful tools we can use to magnify and direct energy. Crystal structure is truly a magical thing.

In your Gem Wise set for this month, you received – turritella agate, gypsum rose, hematite, peacock ore, and garnet. Included with your set is a beautifully engraved acrylic with original SG art, designed for gridding and holding the magic of Sumeria and the intentions of these stones. The first historical references for the use of crystals come from the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. They also carved grave amulets of the same gems.

Stones of Feminine Power

Feminine power exists in all of us – regardless of whether we are speaking of someone incarnated in physical form as a man or a woman. As such, this energy also exists in all forms of this physical world – in the mineral and natural aspects of our Earth. Sumeria was a civilization very much rooted in the feminine and honored the feminine powers. We can see this in their worship, and rituals carried out in honor of the goddess Inanna.

I find in you, sweet Divine Feminine
The mirror reflecting my own soul
You and I intertwined in the spirit of Inanna
The Goddess that embraces the light and the dark
She, in all her beauty and glory, in her joy and sorrow
Guides me into the unknown waters of transformation
What must be burned is yet unknown
But to to thee I give my trust that
From the bellows of darkness I shall emerge
Wiser, stronger, and illuminated

Part 2

Turritella Agate

Turritella agate carries the ancient wisdom of the ocean, as it is recognized by the sea creature and fossil snail patterns within it. This is a stone of personal connection with one’s past, which includes one’s ancestry and countries of origin, and one’s homeland. It is also known as a stone that connects the mineral and plant kingdoms, allowing for greater access to information to assist in healing the Earth. Turritella agate cleanses and revitalizes even areas that have been neglected or polluted.

Gypsum Rose/Desert Rose Selenitedesert rose selenite

Gypsum rose is akin to selenite. Formed from the Earth’s constant movement of water and wind, this beautiful flower-shaped
stone embodies the energy of sand in every one of its rose petal formations. This gentle spirited crystal teaches us to flow with the wind and create landscapes from our dreams. For this reason, gypsum rose is also great for strengthening your positive affirmations. It encourages forgiveness, brings harmony, and raises self-confidence. This feminine stone activates the Root and Crown Chakras, bringing you fully into balance, grounding and connecting you to the Earth as you explore the Higher Realms.


Hematite is the main component of the core of our Earth. It is literally molten and glowing from within. Hematite is a Root Chakra stone of grounding, hope, trust, and surrender to the Universe. It roots us deeply in the Earth’s stability and balances the body, stabilizing our equilibrium and helping both ethereal and physical systems remain aligned. Hematite is an important partner for soul work. It is a stone of union between Spirit and the physical world. This grounding stone offers us the balance of Above and Below, a way to connect to the very core of our being, gently bringing us into present time and helping us navigate the challenges of daily life without becoming overwhelmed.

Peacock Ore

Peacock ore, or bornite as it’s commonly known, is a stone that assists with rebirth and integration of emotions and intellect. It also aids you with releasing that which no longer serves you, while promoting insights into the aspects of grief and relief, allowing you to recognize and acknowledge both aspects. Additionally, peacock ore is an excellent healing stone and has been used to regulate the flow of adrenaline, increase alkalinity and assimilation of potassium, and to decrease excess levels of calcium. From an emotional perspective, peacock ore is a stone of happiness, bringing a message that life is truly joyful.


Garnet, which holds chromite, another mineral found in Sumeria, is a very powerful stone of feminine empowerment. It activates the Root Chakra and is very grounding. It reminds us women of our divine sexuality. Throughout history, kings, queens, and warriors have worn garnet in their royal adornments and breastplates. Garnet represents higher order emotions and offers you incredible strength. It is also protective and calming. It will connect you physically to your body and will help stabilize the Kundalini energy, bringing about overall wellness and vitality. Garnet can be used for manifesting the creative products of imagination and bringing them into actualized form. It carries the energy of prosperity and the enjoyment of worldly pleasures.

Part 3 – continued properties of stones

Known as a fertility crystal, turritella agate has been said to increase a woman’s chance of having a baby with the assistance of IVF, artificial insemination, and other fertility treatments. In line with pregnancy and delivery, agate helps new mothers avoid the baby blues.

From a physical aspect, gypsum rose is associated with the musculoskeletal system and assists with relieving backache and chronic fatigue. In the spiritual realm, this stone dispels negativity, and enhances dreams and intuition. It encourages deep meditation and facilitates past-life recall. Gypsum desert rose strengthens your psychic abilities and raises your vibrations. It’s truly a stone of self-esteem and self-worth. Associated with the master number 11, it helps you target your intuition and urges you to keep your thoughts and vision aligned with your intention and your greatest dreams. Astrologically, gypsum rose is connected with Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus, and earth and water elements – reminding us of our Divine Feminine powers urging us to go within and be flexible and malleable.    

Hematite is excellent for energetic support during recovery from any ailment of the blood and marrow production. It supports you with seeing the silver lining in any situation that appears dark, guiding you to the light at the end of the tunnel. It provides you strength, courage, and fortitude for moving through adversity and when doing shadow work and integration. As a stone ruled by Aries and Aquarius, hematite encourages you to awaken the fire of your own unique feminine power, while keeping you connected with the Higher Realms. Hematite vibrates to the number 9, which inspires creativity and ideas to flourish.

Peacock ore acts as protection stone to shield you from negative energy, and helps you recognize the source from which negativity comes. As a stone of the sign of Cancer, peacock ore brings balance to the emotional body and helps you flow through life with more ease. It encourages the rising of the feminine power within and inspires you to shine radiantly, even through the darkness.

Almandine garnet, which is the stone included in your Gem Wise set, is a stone of the ancient times. Its energy is very connected to the Earth, and it vibrationally enhances your vitality and endurance. Almandine garnet is a stone of psychic protection, a very powerful tool for those who are ungrounded or lacking in physical energy. Almandine garnet aids you in finding joy in the worldly realm, feeling supported with actualizing your needs and desires, and in giving and receiving love. In an emotional context, almandine garnet helps you ground, feel secure, and enhances strength. It also eases fear and anxiety around financial matters. It helps the body connect with the revitalizing energy of the Earth. Its corresponding astrological sign is Aquarius, which desires the freedom of individual expression and progression of society, and carries the gifts of innovation and ingenious thinking. Garnet vibrates to the number 2, encouraging you to bring forth your gentle artist within and let go of being self-conscious.  

Bonus Class Material 

Garnet Cord Meditation:

Garnet Cord Meditation from Sage Goddess on Vimeo.