December 2017 Gem Wise Purchase

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Welcome to a new month of Gem Wise! I am so excited to take this journey deeper into the world of gems and crystals with you. No matter if you’re brand new to gems or more experienced and knowledgeable, this class is a place for all to take their learning deeper. If you’re new to Gem Wise, welcome! And if you were with me in October and November, I hope you enjoyed our classrooms on amorphous and Synergy 12 crystals.

To start with, you must remember that crystals grow naturally in the shape of polyhedra, which are solid shapes whose faces are polygons. Crystals are the closest physical representations of the Platonic Solids that we have. Though they are not perfectly formed as Plato’s ideals were, they offer us a good tangible example.

This month, we will be focusing on stones representing the 4 Elements. You received gorgeous examples of these in your Gem Wise kits – petrified wood for earth, aquamarine for water, fire agate for fire, golden healer lemurian point for air, and a beautiful rhodonite palm stone for love, printed with “Element”, which corresponds to this month’s overall course curriculum.

As beings searching and striving for our Soul Purpose, we must have access to our own inner wisdom and deep knowing. If we’re unable to tap into our innate vision, we must practice the energetic work required to uncover it. And we can look to specific crystal energies to activate this latent store of liminal sight. Certain distinct stones and gems vibrate at the exact right frequency to crack your untapped field of vision wide open. They are powerful tools we can use to magnify and direct energy. Crystal structure is truly a magical thing.

Stones Representing the 4 Elements

We are all made up of the 4 elements: earth, water, fire, and air. We have a body we are grounded in (earth), we are made up of water, we are inspired/of Spirit (fire), and we breathe air. When we invoke and work with the 4 elements, we are connecting with the energy of life itself. The alchemy of the elements varies within us, and we have personal affinities and dislikes of certain combinations and expressions. Coming into greater balance within the 4 elements makes it easier to relate with others, appreciate differences, and harness our full potential on this planet. Imagine water without any boundary to define it, or fire with no air to feed it – the catalyzing and harmonizing effects of energy are amazing.

Earth energy is feminine and subject to gravity. It naturally draws things down and in. It is strong and dense, and we sometimes experience it as a barrier, but it is also the land that forms lakes, the shore, rivers, mountains, and many wonders of the world. It is the fertile soil from which plants, with their roots secure, grow. Working with the earth element helps us with grounding, endurance, foundation, building, and abundance and manifestation on the physical plane. It connects us with our sensuality, nature and Mother Earth, and attunes us to bodily needs. Earth is practical, hands-on, and concerned with resources available in the now.

Water energy is also feminine and subject to gravity, and can bring a strong pull towards a deep center, or Source. Water represents our soul and emotional nature, and emcompasses a myriad of experiences in these domains. We commonly associate water with the Divine Feminine – the ocean as the cosmic womb and collective unconscious of creation. And the feminine flows, like a river, back to the sea. Working with water taps us into our feelings and the non-linear world of images, memories, and archetypes deep in our psyche. An intimate relationship with water nurtures our souls, feeding us with mystery, love and compassion.

Fire energy is masculine and subject to levity – assertive and rising with passion. Linked with our spark of life, energy, creativity, and spirituality, fire is excitable, sometimes best understood as an epiphany or creative impulse. Fire can keep us alive with warmth or incinerate anything in its path. It is volatile and quick to ignite, but also susceptible to being smothered and stamped out. It carries the power of creation and destruction, and all those touched by it will understand the inherent excitement and danger. Evoking fire energy brings us closer to our life force and strength of spirit. It can open us to creative expression, passionate union, and inspiration.

Air energy is also masculine and subject to levity, rising and moving to make connections of all kinds. It rules the social and intellectual realm and fills us with ideas and ideals. Similar to fire, air doesn’t like containment – neither enjoy being held down. Air prefers the spaciousness of thought and mental realms, sometimes enjoying the story, theory, or conversation more than the implementation – form limits the idea. In mythology, Uranus, the sky god, also known to represent our higher mind and memory, loved the idea of having children, but when they were born, wanted nothing to do with them. Activating our air energy can bring a freshness to our thinking, help us explore ideals, communicate with clarity, and cooperate with others, exchanging information to progress society.   

Petrified Wood Aquamarine Fire Agate Golden Healer Lemurian Point Rhodonite
Structure Hexagonal (trigonal) Hexagonal (trigonal) Trigonal Hexagonal (trigonal) Triclinic
Chakra Root, Third Eye Throat, Heart Throat, Crown, Third Eye All Heart, Root
Composition Silicon dioxide Beryllium aluminum silicate Silicon dioxide Silicon dioxide, iron oxide Manganese metasilicate
Hardness 6.5 to 7 7.5 to 8 7 7 5.5 to 6.5
Mineral Class Silicates Silicates Silicates Silicates Silicates
Astrological Sign Leo, Virgo Gemini, Pisces, Aries Aries All Taurus
Element Earth Water Fire Air Fire, Earth
Mined in Found worldwide Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa, USA Mexico Brazil Russia, Sweden, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, USA
Colors Brown, gray, yellow, red, black, blue, violet Blue, blue-green Brown, orange, red, green, gold Golden Red, pink, brown, black

Petrified Wood

“I am timeless – Spirit in form. I am open to receive the ancient wisdom of the Earth. Drawing from the past, I fully embrace the present, open to the future. In gratitude, I accept the guidance and knowledge to recognize and release old patterns. I find joy in history living and transforming within me.”

Petrified wood is found all over the world, but one of the most amazing locations is near Holbrook, Arizona, in what is now Petrified Forest National Park, where giant fossilized tree trunks have been found, about 200 million years old. Egypt, Brazil, and Argentina are other areas with significant petrified wood discoveries. Petrified wood has not turned to rock or stone. The organic wood material has been replaced by silicon dioxide (generally agate/chalcedony or quartz), and only the form of the wood remains. The variation of bark and growth that can be preserved in this process is impressive – physical remnants of the ancient history of Earth. Because petrified wood carries so much history, it can be used to access the planet’s Akashic records, even to times predating, and the gestation of, human creation. With history preserved within, this stone can connect you with personal and collective past lives and all associated wisdom. It facilitates grounding past life insights and memories, in order to integrate them in present time for the Highest Good. Petrified wood vibrates to master number 77, directly linked with tapping into universal intelligence and Divine wisdom.    

Associated with the earth element, this stone embodies grounding, stabilizing, slow and steady vibrations. Petrified wood supports enduring growth that is sustainable and harmonious with the physical body. As a stone of transformation, having gone through its own morphosis, it will help you ascend to higher aspects of yourself through spiritual evolution while staying in your body. Wood is known for its strength, and this remains true in its fossilized form. It is an excellent choice for increasing vitality and healing injuries and ailments of the back and entire musculoskeletal system. Virgo, the sign of healing, discrimination, perfection, service, and divinity possessed within humanity, corresponds with petrified wood.  Working with this stone will imbue assistance in eliminating worries by filtering out what truly doesn’t matter, and focusing on useful improvements that can realistically be implemented. The earth element and Virgo teach us that perfection is always manifesting – as a process of unfolding and revealing that continues beyond millions of years.     


“I flow with life, moving with the current. As a tree yields with strength, bending in the wind, I am powerful in my capacity to receive. I release my burdens and stand in spaciousness. Invoking the spirit of water and Divine Feminine, I ascend to a new level of love and compassion.”

The first use of aquamarine is recorded in Greek history, between 300 and 500 B.C. Named for water of the sea, these crystals capture the enchantment of the ocean, and were believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Aquamarine has been used by sailors for years, to bestow good luck and protection. As a stone of the sea, it carries cooling and soothing properties, easing inflammation and outbreaks of various origin and calming the nervous system. The ocean represents the Divine Feminine, and aquamarine is her stone, believed to be a doorway to communicating with the Goddess within and without. Evoking and integrating the Divine Feminine opens your intuition, access to emotion, and channel to Spirit. Working with this stone can help you access and trust in your inner wisdom and express your feelings and nonlinear nature.

As an activator of the Throat Chakra, aquamarine enhances clear communication and expression of the highest truth, and brings emotional and intellectual stability. It helps attune you to spiritual levels of awareness and access states of consciousness in which it is easier to access wisdom. Aquamarine relaxes, but not to the point of sleepiness – it brings a relaxed alertness, which is crucial to heart and mind alignment and the assimilation of knowledge. This gem is empowered with the gift of release, assisting in letting go of old baggage that hinders further growth and realization of truth. Aquamarine reconnects you with Divine Feminine power – power that does not come from force, but from creativity, flow, receptivity, and our deep and timeless connection to Source.

Fire Agate

“My physical body is alive with pleasure and passion. I call forth the spark of my existence to set the desires of my heart ablaze. Honoring the spirit of fire, I rise to the challenge of embodying my fullest creative expression. ”

Fire agate corresponds to the element of fire, bringing vitality, sexual awakening, and creativity. The best specimens come from Mexico, and this gem is hard to find, sought after by collectors and healers. Its iridescent colors seem to be alive – like flickering flames. Fire agate activates the lower chakras, bringing one into the body to experience the potent energy of lifeforce, instinctual drives, and sensual pleasures. For those who have lost touch with their own creative force and excitement in living, this stone will reignite the basic fire of birth and will. Helping to realign and open the free flow of energy between physical and spiritual fields, fire agate is a fantastic ally for all creative pursuits, as it naturally channels the Divine into manifestation on the material plane. This stone locates and activates the juice in things and rekindles passion and heat that will propel you into action, in the direction your soul and spirit need to go.

Fire agate activates and heals the Root Chakra, helping you affirm your place and space in the world, and light the spark of your creative efforts that symbolize and emanate from your very being. It also assists with addiction recovery, shamanic journeying, vision questing, and is a protective stone for astral travel. It seals holes in the auric field, so shaman and healers find it helpful when working with clients whose energy is depleted, porous, or toxic. Fire agate is known to dispel fear and instil courage. Its energizing and catalyzing nature is used to dissolve blockages and treat central nervous system and circulatory disorders. Working with fire agate is choosing to become the best version of yourself possible, and it will stand by your side as a you bravely mobilize yourself with conviction and joy.

Golden Healer Lemurian Point

“I invite the air to lift my consciousness to Higher Realms. I am infused and surrounded with love and healing of the golden light. Ancient knowledge vibrates within me. I am reconnected with my Divine Self.”

Golden Healer Lemurian is incredibly powerful in all forms of energy work. It gets its golden color from hematite (iron oxide) inclusions and is absolutely gorgeous, filled with celestial light. Beyond its glimmering beauty, this crystal offers emotional and spiritual healing, helping open your heart to greater love. It also enhances the abilities of channeling and telepathy, facilitating connection with the angelic and spirit realms. Lemurian crystals are encoded with the consciousness vibrations of ancient Lemuria and hold the wisdom of a civilization that was more highly developed both spiritually and emotionally than we are today. Meditating or gridding with these gems facilitates connection with the wisdom of this ancient civilization, which we have all inherited, yet, most of us have kept dormant.

Golden Healer Lemurian assists in the rapid expansion of consciousness, as it allows for higher frequencies of light to come through the Crown Chakra. Golden Healers enhance healing abilities, and are said to put the healer and the one seeking healing in touch with specific guidance needed, in order to move forward in the most beneficial way. They also activate and energize both Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras. The Crown Chakra brings us into more conscious connection with Spirit, and the Solar Plexus Chakra increases sense of personal power. Combined, these two chakras unite confidence and assertion with the Highest Good, allowing us to act from our Spirit consciousness and align higher and lower will. Reflecting its association with the air element, Golden Healer Lemurian is sociable and enjoys being shared, freely offering and receiving information. This special gem also facilitates connection and union with the Divine, especially the Divine Feminine, closing the gap that causes feelings of separation, bringing you into oneness with your Divine Self.


“My heart is my guide and refuge. As I reveal my truest talents, I share them freely, for the benefit of All. In discovering and actualizing my purpose, I bring more love into the world. With acceptance and compassion for myself and others, I unite humanity.”

Rhodonite was first reported in 1819 and was named for the Greek word rhodon, meaning rose. It ranges in color from pink, to rose-red, brown-red, and black. It was a very special carving stone in Russia, used for various items, including sculptures. Now it is found in a number of countries, including Mexico, USA, and South Africa. Rhodonite is a crystal of love, as are other stones of the Pink Ray, but Rhodonite is special in that its vibrations of unconditional love are powerfully outer directed, radiating love into the world and cosmos. Rhodonite is a beautiful and gentle stone for tapping into your own hidden talents, compassion, love, generosity, and altruism. It is a stone of power – the power in recognizing the gifts, energy, and contribution that can be actualized towards positive change on Earth. It furthers the community and kinship of all humanity.   

Creating a channel between the Heart and Root Chakras, rhodonite allows energy to flow to and from, resulting in deeper and more profound healing around issues with love and security.

It evokes tenderness, is emotionally grounding, and promotes the release of blockages, clearing and activating the Heart Chakra. Rhodonite is a powerful first aid stone; emotionally calming in moments of stress, crisis, and profound grief, fear or anger. It is also wonderful for healing issues around weight loss, detoxification, purification, selfishness, and service to others.

Working with rhodonite helps free your inner altruistic and generous nature, and this is where we find true and fulfilling happiness. Simply carrying this gem may ease the tension during times of challenging and painful partnerships and friendships. It also supports you in getting to the heart of the matter, revealing the source of disharmony. Whether the obstacle or wound has arisen within you or outside of you, rhodonite is an outpouring of compassion, holding you in love as you heal.