Mother’s Day

Gaia Cosmic Mother

This Mother’s Day, I feel called to focus on our collective Gaia Cosmic Mother instead of our physical mothers. Since my mother is no longer with me on the physical plane, I’ve become more aware of her presence as part of the broader cosmos. It’s a reminder that we are always held, protected, and nurtured – and not just by our human partners and family in this particular lifetime. Join me in Honoring Our Gaia Cosmic Mother for Mother’s Day.

A Mother to All

She’s the mother who will never let you down or disappoint you, and at the end of our lives, she receives each of us back again, in a ceaseless spiral of life, death, and rebirth. However the Gaia Cosmic Mother manifests in your spiritual practice, we owe her many thanks for this life. She is the creator of every last thing we require for nourishment, wholeness, and happiness – from the air we breathe to the food we consume, to the stable ground upon which we walk and rest.

Be a part of our Cosmic Mother Mega Grid

If you feel called, please share a short message in the space below for your mom or the maternal figure/energy in your life. We will print out each response and charge them under our gorgeous Cosmic Mother Mega Grid to honor you, your relationship to this energy, and the universal mother that we all share. Anyone that submits their messages below will be automatically entered to win a one-of-a-kind Mega Grid!

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