In 2018, all Sage Goddess courses will explore “A World of Magic” by taking students through the history of global civilizations and metacultures. Magic is not new, or even in its infancy – it’s as old as time. We all have deep curiosity about the past, and relatively little knowledge about the customs, rituals, and daily practices of our ancestors. The gems, herbs, and oils we work with today were once in their hands, too, and formed deep within and across the Earth as these civilizations rose and fell. Over time, much has been lost – but we can retrieve it and explore it together. Each month we will focus on one civilization, and the course content will be inflected by subject area across the three Sage Goddess classes: In AroMagic, students will learn about the herbs and essential oils of the focus civilization; in Gem Wise, students will learn about the gemstones and minerals of the focus civilization; and in Magical Sabbatical students will learn about the magical and ritual practices of the focus civilization. Holistic Healers who are enrolled in all three classes will gain a wealth of knowledge about the history and mystery of magic. Our focus will span from ancient times to the common era. Together, we will tap into the power of these places and harness it together to infuse our modern practice with the magic of all time.

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Scent is our most powerful sense, tied to the oldest and wisest parts of our brain. When you smell Jasmine Grandiflorum essential oil, did you know that you have a time-link to Cleopatra herself, who used it as an aphrodisiac and to bolster her power? When you smell Sandalwood, do you sense the connection to ancient Egyptian embalming and burial practices? Students in AroMagic can look forward to a survey of essential oils and herbs by country and civilization. For example, when we study the Mayan and Aztec civilizations we will learn about their ritual use of herbs and resins, like Copal. We will explore each civilization’s medicinal and culinary use of herbs too.

The herbs and oils covered in class each month will be offered to you in a special AroMagic Set available for purchase each month. Members will learn not only what the metaphysical properties and uses of the herbs and oils are, but how to use them to make DIY products for at-home use. There are no prerequisites for this class. The monthly membership fee is $20. For the full magical experience, please consider upgrading to a Holistic Healer membership, giving you unlimited access to all 3 classes – AroMagic, Gem Wise and Magical Sabbatical. In addition, as elite class members, all Holistic Healers automatically qualify as Advisors within the Sage Goddess Affiliate Program, offering benefits like lifetime referral commissions, free monthly product kits and access to the brand-new Sage Goddess Educational Vault.