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  • Velvet Display Pillow

    for storing your magical tools

    $ 9.00$ 12.00
    Looking for a cute and comfy place to house your wands, spheres, generators, and other gorgeous specimens when not in use? Then look no further than this Velvet Display Pillow. It features a beautiful velvet covering and is stuffed with wheat. This pillow is also...
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  • Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone

    for joy and expansion

    $ 2.50
    This Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone from India is a radiant crystal of celebration and possibility. Rainbow moonstone is associated with the full moon phase, a time for honoring the progress you’ve made towards your goals. The full moon is when we reflect on the abundance in...
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  • Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

    for guidance on your path

    $ 1.50
    What message does the Universe have for you? Team SG is here to deliver it with an Intuitive Oracle Card Reading! Yes, you read it right! My team is intuitively pulling an oracle card for your magical mail reading! You will also receive a tumbled...
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  • Small Rainbow Chakra Smudge Bundle

    to clear and align

    $ 8.00
    Clear out the old and get your energy aligned with the return of this Small Rainbow Chakra Smudge Bundle! This bouquet of healing magic is exquisite, beautifully fragrant, and made fresh from sage, and wrapped with chakra-colored roses. Sage is a sacred herb that’s been...
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