The Magic in Working with Kundalini Energy

Metaphysical/Metaphysics The Magic in Working with Kundalini Energy

The Magic in Working with Kundalini Energy

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how truly powerful you are? Do you know how much energy you carry within your field, most of which has been lying dormant and untapped, ready for your discovery and activation? You are a major force field. And one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to gain a greater awareness and understanding of all that you are and the immense power you possess. One of the best places to start is with your kundalini energy. In this blog, we will discover and uncover the magic in working with kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy is beginning to surface in conversations in ways that it hasn’t always before. And I believe it’s time. There are so many people who stop shy of living completely in what they’re here to do, often thinking they don’t have the skills, talent, or ability to manifest and show up in the ways they feel deep down they can. Kundalini energy can help with that and when activated, has the ability to transform your life and the lives of those you are here to contribute to.

Awakening the sleeping giant

So what exactly is kundalini energy? Kundalini is the primal energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine and it’s a GREAT force. It’s the energy of transformative sexual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and new states of consciousness. In Hinduism, kundalini is associated with the Divine Feminine energy that’s nestled at the Muladhara or Root Chakra. When the kundalini energy is activated it moves up the spine similar to how a snake moves. It begins in your Root Chakra, where it shakes and stirs, then moves into your Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat, around your neck and up to your Third Eye, winding and winding until it reaches your Crown. When kundalini is awakened in a person, new levels of wisdom, insight, and creative power are reached; the deepest wells of magic are tapped into and harnessed.

Below, I will share with you some ways you can start unlocking and working with kundalini energy to live a life that’s more reflective of the immense treasure house of creativity, ingenuity, passion, wisdom, and heightened consciousness that you are and hold.

5 Ways to Work with Kundalini Energy

1) Breathe and Come into Your Body

What I find beautiful and most interesting about kundalini energy is that it brings you into a greater awareness of your body. As spiritual beings on the path to awakening, we can have a tendency to focus on our journey to enlightenment so much that we miss out on the beauty in the experience of being in form in a body. One of the gifts of embodiment is experiencing the senses and being able to play and create and call into form the visions we hold in our minds. By breathing and coming into a greater awareness of your body temple, you consciously direct the energy to what you’ve focused your attention and intention on. Not only are you envisioning and feeling into the physical manifestation of the thing desired, but you’re also giving the kundalini energy something to work with. Once these energetic centers are activated, we emit a resonance and vibration that then draws to us what we have seen in our minds.

2) Intentionally Work on Clearing Your Stories

Every person’s kundalini awakening is unique. Although there are similarities in experiences, no two are exactly the same and the ease and/or rigor of the awakening will be largely influenced by the traumas and stories that need to be cleared. As the energy uncoils, spend time visiting, healing, and releasing the stories that may be stored in each of your energetic centers. What stories about stability and security do you carry in your Root Chakra? What stories do you hold around your ability to experience and express passion and creativity that are stored in your Sacral Chakra? Do you feel empowered and radiant? Or is your Solar Plexus carrying a story that you’re unworthy? Continue to do this kind of assessment with your Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. As the energy rises, pause to visit and clear each of your chakra points. Work with this experience by releasing beliefs, patterns, and ways of being that are no longer reflective of who you are. These stories may have served you in the past, but they won’t serve you in the same way as you unfold and expand. Be OK with allowing what was to fall away, like old skin, opening to greater expressions of your fullness.

3) Move Your Body

Kundalini energy is about movement and circulation. You can work with this energy by finding practices and activities that help you to keep the energy flowing while opening, stretching, and lengthening your body. You can do this through yoga, tai chi, pilates, tribal dance, belly dancing, and any physical activity that keeps you flowing and limber. And, be sure to listen to the body’s cues when it asks you to simply be still.

4) Shift Your Diet

Another indicator of an awakening kundalini is a noticeable change in how, when, and what you eat. The foods you may have found gratifying before no longer entice you. It’s almost as if your body has no desire to partake in certain foods anymore and is urging you to reconsider what you put into it. Ask yourself, “Does this food fuel me or slow me down?” Allow this question to guide your eating choices and the frequency of your eating. Remember, food is energy and carries a vibration. As the kundalini awakens, you may find it harder to indulge in that bag of chips or fried chicken as you did previously. And that’s OK. Connect to the wisdom of your body and discern what foods to consume that will keep this energy flowing and support your journey, as opposed to hindering and slowing it down.

5) Feel Into Your Best Possible Expression

Kundalini is an awakening of the Divine Feminine within each of us, which is connected to our creativity, purpose, and the ways we express and contribute to and in life. An awakening is the perfect time to tap into the highest expression of your life; it presents the opportunity to play in your imagination and subconscious, extracting the nuggets of wisdom there. What is yours to give in this lifetime? In what ways are you here to reveal more beauty, love, abundance, creativity, wealth, well-being, excellence, and more? Meditate often on these questions, keeping a journal nearby to record the messages that reveal themselves to you.

In Closing

You are here to be more. I believe one of the gifts of awakening kundalini is this: The realization that you are vast beyond measure. As you open to the full power of your beingness, you become an empowered vessel through which Spirit can channel more of its goodness, bounty, wisdom, love, creativity, and intelligence. You become available for Source and what greater gift is there in life than that?

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