9 Days of Generators for Giving and Receiving Powerful Magic


9 Days of Generators for Giving and Receiving Powerful Magic

How to use gemstone generators for gridding and conducting energy

Just imagine: Your intentions, goals, dreams, wishes, love, joy, sadness, healing… drawn up from the Earth, from you, through a crystalline funnel that is powerful enough to hold it all, and strong enough to project those energies into the ether, up to Source. That is the magical potency of a gemstone generator. My wish is for you to experience one of these magnificent tools. If you haven’t yet, you are in for a magical treat.

What Defines a Generator?

A generator is an important gemstone tool in any metaphysical practice, and a major conduit of our spiritual work. Flat at the base and faceted around the sides, generators taper toward a pointed top. These towers of energetic potential can be large or small, and can be carved from any crystal or stone specimen, although clear quartz is the go-to generator for both novice and advanced energy workers. The number of facets, or sides/faces, affects the way the generator sends and receives energies, and influences what a specific generator should be used for. For instance, a traditional generator has six symmetrical faces, and is ideal for use in healing work and for charging other stones. Similarly shaped crystal towers with greater or fewer facets are technically not considered generators, but they can still be used as powerful energy conduits and in gridding meditations. For example, a seven-sided tower is ideal for downloading information from guides and spirits, while a five-sided tower is excellent for Divine Feminine healing and strength.

What Type of Generator Should I Use?

The type of generator you use depends on your intention and your purpose. What are you trying to create or manifest through your use of this tool? Clear quartz is an excellent crystal to start with, as it magnifies surrounding energies and seals intentions, but this gem vibrates at a very high frequency and may not be the best energy conduit for what you’re seeking. Perhaps elestial quartz would be better. This is a much older type of quartz, literally ancient, and has a more grounded vibration, for a deeper and wiser energy. You may be called to use smoky quartz for transmuting negative energies, protection, and healing. Or, going outside the quartz family, a generator of lapis lazuli channels confidence, queenly poise, and force of will; while a green aventurine generator draws growth and abundance into your life.

How Do I Use My Generator?

Generators are the tool to call on for two main practices: Charging your other stones with their energy and gridding. Essentially, these two are one and the same, but the latter is done with very specific intention, and often involves a meditation or prayer. (Although, you can create a grid that you leave in place for months, even years. I have grids in my home that have been in place for years. I meditate in their presence when I need to, care for the gems and dust them as needed, and occasionally set them in the sun or moonlight to recharge.)

Ultimately, what you want to do with your generator is focus on a specific intention. As you do this, envision the Earth’s resources, vitality, and strength being pulled into the generator’s flat bottom and collecting at the base. Then, envision these energies drawing upward, out through the point at the top, and connecting to the Creator, Great Spirit, Source, God, Buddha. The Universe. However you conceive of deity, this celestial being will receive the energy you’ve sent, repurpose it and reshape it for your Highest Good, and send it back down into the point of your generator. If you’re using your generator in a grid, this returned energy will also flow to the surrounding stones, magnifying them and charging them in a powerful way.  

Setting an Intention With Your Generator

To cement your intention even further, or to use your generator in manifesting an unfolding project or idea, here is a ritual you can do in your own sacred space:

  1. Write an intention on a piece of paper, something specific you want to actualize on the physical plane. I recommend you do this on or within four days of the new moon (2 days before, 2 after).
  2. Once you’ve written your intention, place it under your generator, surrounded by any crystals you have that support your specific desires and needs. As I’ve mentioned, placing your generator at the center of a grid is incredibly powerful.
  3. Begin to meditate on this intention. Visualize Earth energy drawing up from below, connecting with your chakras as it ascends through the generator and into the ether to send and receive energy. Ask for guidance on the steps to take to bring your intention into the physical world. Hold space for any expression of wisdom that comes through.
  4. Offer gratitude for the messages you receive, calling yourself back. Carry the smaller stones with you as talismans and transmitters of this wisdom.

Today I am launching a very exciting series, 9 Days of Generators! Every morning for the next 9 days I will be releasing a different crystal generator to the Sage Goddess shop. Perhaps one will call to you, or you may want to collect them all so you can use their combined energy in your rituals. I hope this knowledge inspires you to pursue your deepest wishes and your greatest dreams in the pursuit of your own Higher Good and that of all others. So it is.