Working Aphrodite’s magic at the April pink moon


Working Aphrodite’s magic at the April pink moon

April is her month – and by her, I mean Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Many believe February is Aphrodite’s month because of all the love energies that swirl around Valentine’s Day, but February is Brigid’s month, the goddess of the sacred flame who burns her way out of winter into the first awakenings of spring. In April we find ourselves firmly in middle spring and Aphrodite’s world is awake and alive in color, flesh and blood. Her passions stir within us now and call us to our sacred work. April is a wind month, with lots of momentum and energy to propel us forward.

Aphrodite’s invocation this month is one reason that the April full moon is called the Pink Moon. It’s also because the flowers coloring our spring landscapes are so often found in hues of pink. The pink moon this year falls on Thursday, April 25 and I’m having a massive virtual celebration you’re invite to join over here at the Sage Goddess Facebook Page. We will honor the pink moon by gathering in meditation focused on this one central question:
What would it look like for you to open completely to your own sacred possibility?

Aphrodite isn’t simply a lavish love goddess, sex vixen, or ancient pin-up doll; she is mistress of the erotic arts and a grand summoner of divine passions in a very sophisticated and confident way, like a wise connoisseur of pleasure. She calls us to ourselves, her bejeweled hand extended in our direction to come with her and yield to our deepest desires. The ritual set I created for this month invokes this theme of opening and becoming.

Light a candle, anoint your skin, and let go. Let yourself be. Let yourself become.

As an exercise this month, ask yourself what it would require for you to be more Aphrodite-like in your life. If the goddess Herself appeared in your home right now, how might she coach or direct you to begin enjoying yourself and your life more fully? What can you do today to begin experiencing more pleasure, passion, and joy? Even the tiniest step in a new direction is progress.

With divine blessings of ancient passions, I await your company on the 25th for our moon ritual. Until then, may Aphrodite’s blessings of joy and pleasure be upon you. And so it is.