The Season of Rest

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The Season of Rest

Winter is a time of hibernation, stillness, wisdom, and reflection. It’s a time to surround ourselves with tranquil vibrations and let our spirit rest. The space between Christmas and the New Year is a beautifully sacred window into the energy of the coming year – a place to find quiet clarity and listen closely for the voice of Spirit before starting anew. December holidays can test the resilience of our hearts – they are emotionally trying. The pressures of familial expectations, coming face to face with people you might have had a falling out with, feeling alone amidst a crowd, and having to constantly feel energized when your Spirit is begging for rest are all part of the holiday season.

“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” – Maya Angelou

There is the beautiful, glittering, and joyful side to this time of year, but remember that holidays, like us, have their shadow side. It’s important to allow yourself time to indulge in self-care so you can enter the new year with refreshed energy, and a clear mind. This window is an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. Don’t allow the season’s shadow to block your light. Maintaining a positive perspective is key to maintaining a healthy body and spirit. 


Rest, like The Hermit in the Tarot, requires looking within for wisdom. The Hermit encourages us to let our inner light pave the way through the hidden depths of our souls; to stop searching for answers externally. We already have everything we need inside ourselves, and winter is the time to go inward and find our light.

If you’re into astrology, think of the Moon. The Moon represents our emotions and unconscious, our need to feel safe and taken care of, and the sanctuary of home. The Moon rules Cancer and the crab retreats into its shell, symbolizing the need to periodically withdraw from the outside world and turn our attention within. When we take this time, we come out with more balance, wisdom, and stability. We shine our brightest when our Spirit is nurtured, relaxed, and free. When the Moon is at its fullest, it illuminates the darkness of the night. As we ebb and flow with the strong tides of the Moon, we let go, we accept, we rest and dream in bright abundance.

5 Ways to Rest and Rejuvenate during this Holiday Season 🛀

1) Candlelit baths

Take long, quiet baths surrounded by candles and lovely scents. Nurture your inner sanctuary with an aroma that lifts your spirits and products that relax every muscle in your body. Listen to music during your bath, or sit in contemplation and meditation. Spend time pampering your inner and outer self. Grab your bathing necessities here!

2) Protect yourself

Be mindful that negative energies are also heightened during holidays, so protection is crucial. Wear a tiger’s eye pendant around your neck to invoke potent protective energy, keep a smoky quartz generator on your mantle to combat negative vibrations, carry a black tourmaline gemstone with you to ward off bad vibes, or meditate with a blue kyanite gemstone to protect your body and you draw inward. Shop for these gemstones here!

3) Count your blessings

Take stock of how you offer yourself love, who makes you feel loved, and with whom you wish to invest your heart’s energy. It’s important to spend your energy on those who are deserving of it – those who matter most to you. And when you count your blessings, your heart rests in knowing that love is all around you. Remember, rest always starts within.

4) Attend to your Root Chakra

Attending to the Root Chakra is key to feeling grounded, secure, and relaxed. During winter, we can we feel unplugged from the Earth. This can look and feel like a disconnection from others, a disconnection from ourselves, and a disconnection from our Soul Path. With meditation and the right tools to support you, you will feel more safe, confident, and secure in your body. From that centered and grounded place, your rest begins. One of the tools you can use is red hematoid quartz, which helps to transform an excited mind into a calm and clear one!

5) Step outside

So many of us spend a good chunk of our precious time indoors, especially during the holidays. There’s so much to get done! And it’s easy to fall into the couch and watch Netflix when our minds are begging for a reset. We need nature. We need fresh air, movement, a little dirt on our hands, a little wind in our hair in order to be well. Make it a point to go outside – even if it’s snowing, step outside and catch a snowflake on your tongue.

In Closing

My wish for you this holiday season is that you allow yourself the opportunity to release, relax, and reflect. May you experience total wellness and may it bring you into deep alignment through your body, mind, and spirit.

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