Highlights from the Tucson Gem Show


Highlights from the Tucson Gem Show

Gem Show Culture, People, and Stories are the Very Best Treasure

I am so excited to offer this blog to you – a recording of some of my most treasured memories from the biggest gem show of the year! I am blessed beyond words to travel to Tucson each February, where I connect with vendors, miners, and gem dealers from around the world, all of whom are so kind, knowledgable, ethical, and filled with wisdom and reverence for the stones. I’m at the point in my journey with Sage Goddess where I only buy from sources I trust, which means that when you purchase a stone from me, you can feel good about its source, its journey to you, and the way in which it has been handled from mine to market.

It’s all about the process to me, and keeping that process sacred, full of integrity and care. It’s about the relationships and the conversations, and the spaces where magic happens across a table, over a glass of wine at dinner, in the in-between spaces and places. You can’t deny the energy and the vibration at Tucson; so many gems vibrating across an entire city for weeks on end. I come home rejuvenated, yet tired; focused, yet in need of time alone to integrate the wisdom of the stones.

And I already can’t wait for next year!

Some of my favorite moments include the discovery of a beautiful soul who carves sacred animals and talismans into quartz, like the dolphin you see here, which he etched with care in order to align with the inner phantom of the stone and yet not disturb the gorgeous rainbow within. Art and magic, energy and beauty. He looked at me while we talked and said, “You know, beauty is its own form of energy.” Isn’t that true? Beauty, the aesthetic of life, brings us closer to the divine. Beauty is one face of God.
Another favorite moment was when my team first arrived. We were so excited just to be there, just to feel and see and explore. We knew the week would go by so fast (and it did) so we committed to being fully present in each moment. My time with them was as valuable as any treasure we chose during the show.
One of my favorite contacts in Tucson is this lovely lady, who is a Tucson OG – one of the first people to really become a fixture at the show. She has grown her Peruvian shop to become one of the most significant and sought-after vendors in Tucson, and is passing the business along to her children who are as kind, ethical, and knowledgable as she is. She has such sacred respect for the source of the stones and the artisans who craft the many carvings and treasures she offers.
I remain completely in awe of the gems our great Mother offers us from within her womb. How can you not be in awe? The color and majesty – you often find yourself wondering, is this real? Look at this red amethyst from Morocco for example, its color lit from within, like an ancient fire. And yet, the color is natural, a result of hematite inclusions in the surrounding mineral structure. I often want to remind people how rare some of these inclusions are.
We begin to take them for granted because places like Sage Goddess often have these items ‘in stock’ and yet we must remember, these are finite resources. Mother Earth will one day be empty of each of these jewels and treasures; in some cases, she already is. If you have beautiful stones work with them, love them, connect with them, meditate with them. Be thankful for them. And as you collect, receive each piece with tender gratitude, for each is a gift.
I leave you with this gorgeous image of our last sunset in Tucson. Until next year, let your gem hunting and collecting adventures continue. Thank you for trusting Sage Goddess to be your source for gems and minerals. We appreciate your business and your trust so much! If you’d like to see more of what we brought home, click here and you’ll find new tumbled stones, new spheres, new generators, and new specimens! Also, please join my behind-the-scenes Facebook group for rare peeks into the gem show world. I visit about 12 shows a year and love showing you all the new finds!

Bright blessings.