Are You a Priestess?

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Are You a Priestess?

Are you sensing a pull into being of greater service to love, to humanity, to Mother Gaia? Are you remembering the significance and necessity of being in, creating, and holding sacred ceremonies? Is there a part of you that inherently listens before speaking, naturally finding and cultivating the greatest joy through the power of silence? Has the once gentle nudge of your soul turned into what feels like a constant shove that is increasingly becoming harder for you to ignore? Are you a priestess? 

There’s a shift that’s taking place: In our homes, communities, neighborhoods, cities, states, country, and the world at large. And there’s a shift that’s taking place, bigger than the one we see and feel around us. Perhaps the biggest shift is the one that’s taking place within your soul, your mind, your heart, and your body. At a time when so much is moving and threatening the structures and systems that have provided stability, a sense of grounding, comfort, and familiarity for so long, we are all being prompted to look to new ways of being, while connecting to the wisdom of the past. Our ancient past. The past that can be accessed through daily communion with the divine within. The past that lies dormant in our bones, awaiting a time such as now where it’s stirred into remembrance, restoration, and action. These are challenging times we live in. Purposeful times. They are not easy times. And yet, we can move through with grace, understanding, and compassion when we know what our part in the grand unfolding is. Again I ask, “Are you a priestess?”

What is a priestess? On the simplest level, a priestess is one who holds sacred space for others and designs sacred ceremonies to honor the significant moments of life (such as rituals to honor the full and new moons, the solstices and equinoxes, rites of passage, birth, death and transition to name a few). Upon closer examination, you will find that the priestess goes deeper than the definition often attributed to them and in many respects, they cannot be defined. In the Tarot, The High Priestess sits between pillars of darkness and light, meaning they are a bridge between the conscious and subconscious, the revealed and the hidden. In many ways, they serve as a connecting point, not giving direction or opinion, but through their presence, creating the space for you to arrive at the destination on your own. They don’t answer your questions and they’re not one to consult if you want to be told what to do. They do, however, support you in accessing and trusting in the wisdom that flows to you just as much as it flows to them. In this regard, they stand as a mirror, helping you to see where you have forgotten, reminding you of your ability to remember and restore. 

There’s something beautiful to be said of the one who steps into the role of the priestess, the one who embraces what their soul knows to be its essence and identity. Being a priestess is no easy feat or a fancy title that you can self-assigned on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. No. Priestessing is a calling, a lifestyle, and a way of being that, due to the nature of its work, holds you accountable at all times. The priestess by its nature calls you into a greater expression of integrity, wisdom, discipline, balance, and compassion. The priestess demands that you self-assess, self-reflect, and self-motivate – it’s only in this healthy awareness and understanding of self that you can show up, create and hold space for others. When the tides of turbulence come crashing in your life, as they surely will, can you anchor into something greater while encouraging others to do the same? Can you find a home in the eye of the storm and be at peace when everything around you is being uprooted, torn, thrown aside, and blown away? This is the charge of the priestess. There’s nothing glamorous about being a priestess. Fulfillment comes in being of service.

It’s through example, not what a priestess says, that provides the greatest teaching, which is why they’re often shrouded in silence and mystery. The priestess is always undergoing personal trials by fire to become a more expanded and higher version of self. In this sense, surrender is their greatest asset as it’s when they’re out of their own way that they become completely open and available to guide and chart the way, to be the conduit for wisdom to express and radiate through. The priestesses’ life reflects this very thing. 

Are you a priestess? If you’ve read this far then chances are, the answer is yes. Like all callings, you will know that you’re a priestess and ready to embrace this mantle when you no longer can unknow it, hide and run from it. Arise oh sleeping one and reclaim your position as the way-shower, the bridge keeper, the mirror holder, the student, and teacher. Earth is calling on her midwives to support and hold the space for her as she gives birth to her greatest expression. She is calling you to be of service. Will you heed her plea?

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