The Power of Desire

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The Power of Desire

We talk about desire a lot at Sage Goddess, but what does it really mean? Are you fully aware of the potent magic that desire can create in your life when properly harnessed? Desire is more than sex and lust – although, that’s a nice chunk of it. In fact, desire is the essence and energy of sex – it flows from and is inspired by the same source. We all have access to desire. Whether we consciously know this, embrace it, and move on it is our choice. Desire is what creates worlds, literally and figuratively. It’s the fuel that sparks your creative wheels turning with passion, revs your mental engine with sharpness, agility, and imagination, and pumps your body with vitality, stamina, and fortitude. And by the end of this blog, it’s my hope that you’ll be fully convinced of the power of desire and ready to infuse your life with more of it!

Make a Wish (a strong one)

So what exactly is desire? Desire is from the phrase, de sidere, which means, “from the stars.” When we think of stars in terms of desire, we think of wishing for something (or someone) or an experience that we want to receive. Desire is a strong longing and intense yearning for something. And, it’s this strong wanting that’s KEY to manifesting. Desire is the feeling that seals the arc of manifestation (seeing it, speaking it, FEELING it). And it’s often the missing link for many when it comes to calling forth the life they truly want to experience and live. Simply stated, if desire isn’t a part of it, it’s not going to happen.

Take some time to think about the goals and intentions you’ve set recently. Have they come into form or are they still floating in the ether waiting on your desire to lasso them in? I want you to think of your goals and dreams with the same intense passion and curiosity as someone you’re interested in. Your desire, or longing for, is ultimately the thing that gets their attention and thus attracts or brings that person (or someone else in vibrational alignment) to you. Desire is the magnet. The same is for any intention you have. When you desire something strong enough, by the nature of this universe, the vibrational match of your desire will draw to you. 

Desire and the Sacral Chakra

Desire lives in and emanates from the domain of the Sacral Chakra. No surprise, right? Your relationship to your Sacral Chakra is very important, especially when it comes to identifying your desires and feeling into them. The Sacral Chakra is our seat of creativity. It’s the space from which we birth all things – physical children, creative projects, new business ideas, and everything else. Anything we can ever imagine, intend, dream, or envision begins at the Sacral Chakra. And, the Sacral Chakra is very impressionable – meaning that it stores and carries the beliefs you have around your ability to create and call forth what you desire. 

It’s important to have clear channels for all you desire to flow to you. If these channels are blocked by fear, doubt, shame, or guilt – all of which can be stored in and are signs of a blocked and unbalanced Sacral Chakra – it becomes challenging for your desires to come to you. To assist with this, I recommend doing a Sacral Chakra clearing visualization. Sit in an easy, relaxed posture and place your hands on your Sacral Chakra/ lower abdomen area. Take three deep, long inhales and exhales to relax your body. As you continue to breathe, imagine your Sacral Chakra as a stream of water. Is the flow fluid and steady or interrupted and slow? If you notice the stream flowing slowly, say to yourself, “I give myself permission to be in flow. I release all fear, shame, guilt, and doubt that I carry. I welcome fresh, running waters of creativity, passion, and desire.” Repeat this until you feel the Sacral Chakra flowing smoothly and effortlessly. Relax and take a moment to write down what you experienced.

What do You Really Desire?

If you enjoy working with the goddesses, Lakshmi is a great presence to work with as you get clear on and invite in more of what you truly want. She’s the goddess of wealth, beauty, abundance, and love. Lakshmi is held in high regard in the Hindu tradition, where she represents good luck and fortune. Her four arms symbolize the four pillars of human existence – dharma, kama, artha, and moksha. Dharma has many meanings and interpretations but can best be said to embody cosmic law or virtuous living. Kama symbolizes sexual desire, passion, love, pleasure, and affection. Artha translates literally to “purpose” or “meaning.” Moksha stands for liberation and can symbolize death and rebirth or self-actualization.

If you struggle with expressing your desires, working with Lakshmi is a good way to release any judgments, mental blocks and beliefs, shame, and patterns that stand in the way. One way to work with the energy of Lakshmi is to create an altar dedicated to her. She wears rich jewel tones of crimson, fuchsia, and gold as a symbol of her prosperity, so be sure to have these colors present on your altar. Using her four arms as inspiration, reflect on your dharma (virtuous living), kama (desires), artha (purpose), and moksha (freedom). Are these pillars balanced and supported in your life? Take some time to write out what you believe your dharma to be. Be very clear and detailed on your kama, or desires, remembering that the universe works with specifics. Are you living in your purpose or still searching for it? Do you feel fulfilled? In what areas can you be more liberated and free? Where can you give yourself greater permission to ask for what you deeply desire? And what must you release that stops you from going all the way with what you want? As you ask yourself these questions, be prepared for insights to be revealed. It’s from this space of clarity that you can powerfully stand firm in what you desire and your ability to bring it forth.

The Power of Gemstones

We live in an abundant and resourceful universe that’s ready to support us, move on our behalf, and bring what we need and envision. One way the universe supports us is through the magic and power of crystals. I consider crystals to be our allies, especially when it comes to manifestation, healing, and guidance. 

Here are five gems I recommend for desire, Sacral Chakra activation, sex, pleasure, intimacy, and power:

Vesuvianite is a highly energetic stone that opens the Heart Chakra. It intensifies physical lust, brings passion, and activates eros-based energies. Additionally, vesuvianite is a stone of courage that helps you unite the heart and will.

Carnelian is a Sacral Chakra gem of fire that brings courage and creative spark. It enhances stamina, optimism, and empowerment, boosts your energy, and reminds you that you’re divinely alive. 

Orange Calcite is a stone of endurance, charisma, sexual performance, and sex drive. It resonates with the Sacral Chakra and powerfully magnetizes and intensifies creativity and passion. I highly recommend orange calcite for artists because of its ability to ignite and sustain the fires of creativity and expansion.

Fire Agate is an Earth Star, Root, and Sacral Chakra gem of motivation, action, vitality, creativity, passion, and grounding. It’s a protective stone for astral travel and is useful in vision questing. Fire agate is a powerful stone to work with when energy is depleted.

Tangerine Quartz activates the Sacral Chakra and evokes passion on all levels. It’s one of the best crystal aphrodisiacs. This gem enhances creativity, endurance, and sex drive. Tangerine quartz boosts energy to help you pursue your dreams and encouragement to keep going.  

May all that you long for come to fruition as you awaken to the power of your desires. And so it is.

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