How to Read Auras and What They Really Tell You

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How to Read Auras and What They Really Tell You

Auras prove that magic exists. Long ago, the only people allowed to see and study auras were spiritual leaders. Their powerful intuition provided them deeper access to the most mysterious parts of the brain, to the parts that connect us all with the cosmos. This connection allowed them to divinate and accept the beauty of what they were witnessing. Everyone has an aura, but the strength of that aura depends on the person’s divine and karmic advancement. If you are mostly consumed with superfluous things, then your aura is going to appear more diminished and weak. It’s truly an expression of who you are, and the longer you hide behind the pull of material gain, fear, or any other form of toxicity, the quicker your aura will fade. When you are in tune with yourself and the world, your aura radiates loudly – you are recognizable by mystics or others with spiritual perception.

I am not ashamed to admit that reading auras has never been my strongest skill, but it was one I wanted to learn. Perception is powerful. We can all relate to experiencing feelings of comfort or discomfort in the presence of a new person. What we’re perceiving is their aura.

To be transparent with others, and to expect the same, is to constantly live from a place of truth and protection. Authenticity shows strength, and shields us against energy vampires who constantly live from a place of fear and destruction. In some Indian cultures, women wear a bindi between their brows. Along with many other uses, these bindis are meant as an invitation for strangers to read their auras. Reading someone’s aura is highly personal. Their thoughts and emotions take the form of a color, which is representative of the energy they radiate.

I began my journey believing that there was only one way of seeing someone’s aura, and after days of excruciating practice, due to my narrow-minded view, I couldn’t see anything. It was my Achilles heel. I kept getting frustrated, which hindered my concentration

I needed to feel safe, loved, calm, and relaxed. I smudged with my favorite white sage, and entered into a completely meditative state – clearing my mind of any blockage that was obstructing my view. When I was ready, I faced my friend. Sitting directly across from him, I felt his energy run through me. I drew a dot on his forehead – creating a focal point, and placed him against a white wall. I practiced strengthening my peripheral vision, guiding my right brain to talk to my left, igniting my Third Eye Chakra. Softening my gaze, and concentrating on the dot, I sensed the energy radiating around him. While he sat there with his eyes closed, I took account of my feelings, as I have always been an empath, and instead of trying to see the physical color radiating off his body, I closed my eyes and felt the vibrations he was sending in my direction. Feeling him first allowed me to really see him – his physical, base aura, and what he was going through. I was then able to see beautiful shades of blue and green in my mind.

You have two auras that surround you – a base, inner aura, which is the first one that you will be able to see, and then a second. This first aura is right outside of your physical, and it is essentially fixed. The second extends much further, as though it’s keeping your inner aura safe.

Always respect people’s privacy and don’t practice reading their aura unless you have asked, or have been asked. This is important because once you strengthen your Third Eye enough to read someone’s aura, you will be accessing very private emotions. Always cleanse your chakras, and meditate with crystals – which have the lowest amount of entropy, so you can harmonize yourself with the white light of the Universe.

I would begin by asking a friend you trust to stand against a white wall – the white wall will act as a great base for any color, or colors, coming in to your field of vision. Close your eyes and feel everything around you, then touch your friend and see if you can feel the color of their energy. Place a dot in the middle of their forehead and concentrate, and narrow your eyes onto it – let the colors surround and saturate your environment. You can also loosen up their aura if they’re distressed, starting at their feet and working up as though an imaginary wind is twirling around them. You will notice how they will feel so much lighter. Above all, keep an open mind and maintain a positive energy. Reading auras, unless you were born with the natural ability to do so, takes time and practice. Don’t be discouraged, don’t force yourself, and be gentle. The truth will come.

To be able to see auras is to glimpse the realm of real magic. To see someone’s energy is to understand their thoughts, to become in tune with their purpose of living, to feel and see their deepest and darkest emotions. Your aura is the very essence of who you are, in your most naked form.