Mabon and the Fall Equinox – Reconnect with your Nature

Holidays Mabon and the Fall Equinox - Reconnect with your Nature

Mabon and the Fall Equinox – Reconnect with your Nature

For over a year, we spent so much time behind closed doors – physically deprived of our family and friends, and society as a whole. Digital devices became our only means of connecting and communicating with the outside world. Unfortunately, this convenient crutch also created a massive disconnect – not only with others but within ourselves. Organic human interactions were replaced with the immediate dopamine stimulation delivered with every new alert, post, and like. And while moderate amounts of social media are perfectly safe, the pandemic allowed us to become overstimulated and addicted. It’s time to realign ourselves with our nature, without distraction, and open the door to expansion, peace, and balance. This year for Mabon, I ask you to turn off or step away from your smart devices and check-in with yourself. Shutting out the noise of these constant digital distractions robs us of our inner balance, and much of that can be restored when we take even one day to shut out all that noise. In this blog, we’ll talk about Mabon and the Fall Equinox, and how to reconnect with your nature. 

Mabon, also known as the Fall or Autumnal Equinox, is a time to slow down, balance, and realign as we turn to greet the darkness. It’s when we honor nature’s cycles, giving thanks for the fall harvest and showing gratitude for all the help we had to get here. It’s also time to let go of what didn’t grow this year to move forward. The fall equinox is one of two dates in the year when day and night are of equal length. As we cross over, we step into the shadowy half of the year. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the light of summer grows shorter, the nights grow longer, and the leaves on the trees begin to change colors, a physical manifestation of the change we too are going through. What changes have you gone through this year? Have you spent time with your family and friends? Did you resist the tonic of constant digital stimulation? Have you spent time connecting with yourself? Do you remember the look and feel of your innate nature?

It’s only appropriate that this time of year synchronizes with Libra, the ever-seeking sign of balance. Libra is motivated by love, relationships, and beauty – key elements when we’re in search of balance. When we tap into the energy of Libra, that charming, cooperative energy, we help to bring ourselves and the world around us into greater equilibrium. We remember that even nature spends the majority of its time seeking balance. If you feel out of balance, then I invite you to spend some time with yourself, listening to where that balance can be restored. After all, Mabon encourages us to remember the things we have control over.

3 Ways to Reconnect with Your Nature

1) Bake an Apple Pie

Can you think of anything that screams Autumn more than a warm, spiced, apple pie? The apple is one of the symbols of Mabon and is considered the fruit of the harvest. When you cut an apple horizontally, you’ll see its seeds forming a pentagram. Its points symbolize the four directions and elements, with the fifth point standing as the sanctity of Spirit. The circle around the star symbolizes unity and wholeness, and the eternal cycle of life and nature. Take time to express gratitude for the harvest by baking an apple pie and feeling accomplishment and joy in your creation. Invite loved ones over, ask them to leave their phones at the door, and be present with one another as you devour delicious pie.

2) Return to Paper

Did you know that writing by hand stimulates the creative side of your brain and helps it develop? While texts and emails are an effective and essential way of communicating, writing letters and notes by hand improves cognitive function and coordination in a way typing doesn’t. Even just reading handwritten letters stimulates different parts of your brain. One reason for this is because writing by hand slows down your thoughts, enhances focus, and boosts mindfulness. It’s just like meditation. Take some time to slow down and reconnect with your thoughts. Write a handwritten note to your friends or family, or strangers who might need a boost. Or write in your journal. You’ll be astonished at how freeing and powerful it feels.

3) Connect with your Inner Wild

Nature is where we disconnect from everyday distractions, connect to our spirit, and listen to our inner rhythm. It can act as a unique canvas for us to unpack thoughts that might not be getting the attention they deserve amid the noise in our everyday lives. Being in the vast spread of nature brings us back to ourselves, and it’s essential to listen to the messages that come through. You might be surprised at what comes to the surface. If you have a dog, take them with you and wander, play, discover. Connect with your inner wildness and leave the world behind. Pick flowers, gather fruit, run freely. Feel the fall breeze whispering through the trees and the wet leaves on the ground beneath your feet and come back to balance.

In Closing

Doing the work during Mabon helps you get ready to step fully into shadow season and encounter the darker aspects of yourself with acceptance and a higher level of awareness. With the digital world causing more of a disconnect behind closed doors, the search for organic connection and balance is more important than ever. Go back to basics and hold a mirror up to yourself – your true self, and take time to see what’s being reflected back at you. Take it all in. When we can have real conversations with ourselves and establish real connections, we feel whole and balanced. And remember to always express gratitude for what you have, especially if you’re feeling disheartened. That’s when it becomes most important. From my heart to yours, happy Mabon.

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