Giving with Intention


Giving with Intention

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me, you sometimes struggle to find that perfect gift.

You go into a store or on a website, and you browse and browse trying to think about what your friend or family member might like. Sometimes you get lucky. More often, however, you typically find yourself settling or – at least – skeptically choosing something that you *hope* they’ll love or at least find useful.

Sound familiar?

Well, if it does, I want to inspire you to think differently about your holiday shopping this year. In the flurry of the process of getting ready for the holidays, many of us lose sight of the reason we celebrate the holidays in the first place. We focus more on the WHAT of the holidays – the gifts, the food, the celebrations – but not the WHY of the holidays. Why do we gather, why do we gift, why do we celebrate?

For me, the holidays are steeped in my roots in Judeo-Christian practice, when the Wise Men initiated the ritual of gifting at Christmas when they made pilgrimage to bring the Christ child sacred offerings of frankincense, myrrh and gold. Those offerings, both simple and intentional, set the stage for all of our modern-day gifting rituals. And those offerings have significant meaning, as yours should too.

My question for you is this: How can YOU become more intentional when choosing gifts and presents for your loved ones? How can you think more in terms of depth, purpose, insight, and energy when choosing items to delight and gift those you love so much? The answer is simple: Focus on the meaning or intention you’d like to convey to your intended recipient. What is it you want them to feel? What message do you want them to hear from you?

You can base this on need, your and their situation, or many other variables. For example, a gift of health might resonate with a loved one who has been sick this year. Or a true love might enjoy a token of your Heart Chakra through a love potion or stone. If a friend is in need of positive energy at work or home, she might be grateful for a gift focused on happiness, or – if the situation calls for it – a protective gift.

Giving the gift of intention will resonate all the more, and let your friend or family member know you see them for exactly who and where they are right now. And, after all, that’s what this is all about.

You can search by a keyword – health maybe, for your mother, or happiness for your sister. Perhaps you have people on your list going through major life changes or challenges. Pick your keyword and do a search; you’ll find everything we have to offer for that energy, and then you can choose what calls to you. Sometimes I use my pendulum when choosing gifts as well. Shopping can become a powerful exercise in engaging your intuition and deepest knowing.

I see the light in you. Bright blessings dear one.
Love always,