The Numerology of 2016

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The Numerology of 2016

How to use the magic of number nine in the new year

As the Great Wheel turns ever closer to the New Year, we find ourselves approaching 2016. There are many perspectives I welcome when exploring the energies of this time of year, but this month I have felt highly connected to the divine power of numerology. Numerology is one of the many intricate forces that make up the energetic structure of the Universe, involving the study of the metaphysical symbols held within our numerical system.

You determine a year’s sacred number by adding up all its digits and then reducing down until you arrive at a single number. For example, 2016’s numerology is 2+0+1+6, equaling 9. This is quite a powerful number. Nine represents the culmination of all the lessons and experiences that are cultivated through the journey of the digits. It is the number of universal love and divine wisdom. A highly spiritual number, nines resonate with high vibration energy, making a strong connection to lightworkers, the angelic realms, and a portal space for spiritual awakenings. Like I said, we’re in for a powerful year!

The lessons tied to number nine year revolve around serving the greater good. It calls you to find a sacred balance of energy that inspires and uplifts both your personal community and humanity at large. How can you be of service in the year ahead? How can your energies simultaneously serve you and others? This year challenges you to consider how your actions are impacting the world around you. The number nine also teaches you a lesson in boundaries, by coaching you to use the word ‘no’, to see ‘no’ as a path to a deeper and more vibrant ‘yes’ in your life. Honor your own energies so you can be healthy and bright, able to shine your light at its highest vibration. Consider where your energy has been going this past year. Do you feel tired? Unfocused? What can you do to align your vision in a way that feeds your soul? The arrival of 2016 is an invitation for the visionaries, energy workers, healers, and humanitarians to step into their power and offer love to an ailing world.

Now is the time, and I truly believe that we who work with magic hold a key to this global healing. I hope you’ll join me in embracing the power of the year, setting your intentions in the Universe to be a citizen of humanity. I created my brand new Divine Nine Ritual Kit to assist in channeling the energy of this special number and usher you into the new year in golden light. It holds the essence of all that I’ve described here, and of course the energies that escape description.

May the Divine Nine bless you, this year and always,