9 Tips to Increase the Positive Energy Flow in your Space

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9 Tips to Increase the Positive Energy Flow in your Space

As the Lunar/Chinese New Year approaches, a wonderful practice to partake in is the cleansing and purifying of your personal space and altars. These tips will help you increase positive energy flow in your sacred space.

Many of us work with our personal Chi, our Life Force Energy, as it flows within us. But so often we forget about the Chi of our space as well. Because everything has its own energy and this includes our homes, offices, and cars, where we spend most of our time.

Naturally, the more aligned and clear our inner flow of Chi is, the more our outer environment will reflect that. We find ourselves decluttering and in need of less stuff by default as we do this work.

I suggest clearing your space with sage and Palo Santo smudge sticks, and using healing gems to purify your spaces and altars. Rainbow quartz intention clusters activate your chakras and bring a brand new energy to your altar or ritual space.

Here are 9 tips for directly increasing the positive energy flow of Chi in your space:

  1. Clean your entry way! Sweep the porch, clean the door and windows, add a new welcoming wreath, mat, or a potted plant.
  2. Add plants to the inside of your space to uplift and purify the energy and the air.
  3. Declutter your space! Get rid of what you don’t use. Clutter causes energy to get stuck, and we can’t receive it if there’s no space for the new to flow in.
  4. You wouldn’t think of this off the top of your head, but keep that toilet seat down and those drains shut. This keeps the Yang energy from taking over your space.
  5. Tighten up those leaky faucets.
  6. Replace burned out lightbulbs.
  7. Clean all your mirrors and stove. We consume the energy lingering around these areas, so it’s important to freshen them up.
  8. Decorate and add in hues of purple, gold, and green. These are colors of wealth, prosperity, abundance, and attraction.
  9. Add “cure stones” to any quadrants of your space where you need chi to flow. Place stones such as fluorite, carnelian, rose quartz, aventurine, tiger eye, golden healer, quartz, sodalite, onyx, or silver topaz in these areas where you are having trouble.

Most of all have fun! We can’t take ourselves too seriously. If your space is one of light, joy, and laughter, sweet energies will be attracted to it. Join me this year in greeting fire with fire to burn away the old energies of the year past, thanking them as we send them on their journey.

I love the ritual of clearing my altar of last year’s energy as well as adding items to create space for the new that approaches. I also suggest smudging your altar space and any items you may wish to return to your altar for use in the new year. Welcome in a new gemstone with attraction properties or a sweet smelling anointing oil to attract the good-luck spirits, as the ancients once did with offerings of sweets and candies.

Blessed be for the new year!