November Alter Your Altar – A Season of Gratitude

Goddess Guide November alter your altar

November Alter Your Altar – A Season of Gratitude

Every month we offer you inspiration and tips to Alter Your Altar and bring in fresh energies that are aligned with the seasonal work we’re doing. This month’s altered altar prepares for Thanksgiving, Abundance, and Gratitude work. This altar is intended to focus on your gratitude practice.

Gratitude. Appreciation. The simple act of giving thanks, acknowledging to the Universe that you are truly and gratefully surrounded by blessings. It’s such a simple process and yet most of us struggle with gratitude; we get so caught up wishing for things we don’t have, that we lose sight of how much we’ve already been given. Did you know that the power of gratitude in your heart can shift the energy in a room as well as heal you without you having to lift a finger? It can!

Just like the cycles of the moon, just likes the tides of the ocean, abundance wanes and waxes. It ebbs and flows. But we’ve been given a lot. And if we can find something to be thankful for when currents are low, rest assured they will soon rise. In the month of Thanksgiving, the time of gathering with loved ones, the season of harvest, November’s full moon summons us to cry “Thank You!” beneath her silver light. Luna Llena beckons us to dance with abandon in the spirit of gratitude. She knows that “Thank You” is the most energetically powerful phrase we can utter. She, along with all the celestial deities who perch among the heavens, embraces our thankfulness and shines wealth back down upon us.

November Alter Your Altar tools

Alter your altarSage Goddess Gratitude Beeswax Pillar Candle – To bring fire magic, candle magic, color and scent magic to your work!

Orange Calcite Spheres – More than any other Sacral Chakra stone, orange calcite magnetizes the energy around your creative energy center and draws high vibrations toward it – and toward you.

Gratitude Palo Santo Sticks –  To purify and infuse your space with intentions for love, abundance, and peace. I wanted to craft a tool that will fill your practice and your space with ancient, and very grounding Earth medicine to assist you through the sometimes challenging dark season that lies ahead of us here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Gratitude Grid Set consisting of one (1) Quartz Generator, four (4) Printed Agate Slices, and four (4) Tumbled Moss Agate – Printed right here in the SG shop with the cycles of abundance – giving, aligning, attracting, receiving. Contrary to the beliefs of most, abundance begins with giving, rather than waiting until your perceive you have enough to give. We must give to receive, and the more we give the more space we create for alignment, which in turn creates attraction, and finally ends in receiving. But the cycle never stops, you must keep the flow of energy going to stay in abundance. Moss agate emanates the vibrations of balance and stability in the physical domain, which is so important for abundance and gratitude. It helps bring goals to completion with is another key element of manifesting abundance. We have to work for it!

Orgonite Carnelian Pumpkins – I had these carnelian orgone pumpkins made exclusively for our beloved Sage Goddess tribe. There is no one in the world that carries these. We designed them ourselves to bring the harvest season’s magic to you. They are magical metaphysical pumpkins, yet beautiful and versatile enough to bless your sacred space each and every day. If you’re seeking to do powerful deep work during this shadow season, these pumpkins will bless you with the fire and vitality you need when things get challenging.

Tumbled Carnelian – Carnelian is your new best friend. It’s also a sacral chakra stone par excellence, opening that center of creativity wide to help you birth your creations in the world.

Most of all have fun with your new altar.

Please, I invite you to share photos of your gratitude altar in the comments below!

Abundant blessings this month, dear ones.