What is Dark Dharma and How to Transmute it

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What is Dark Dharma and How to Transmute it

One of the most common questions I am asked as Sage Goddess is whether I believe all people are inherently good, or capable of good. My thoughts on this question have shifted over the years, largely because of life experiences and teachers who have influenced me along the way. My current perspective, which may shift again (and I welcome it – if ideas can’t evolve, then our thinking gets stale) is this: Dark Dharma is a real thing. I believe there are people on Earth whose intentions are destructive. It takes a broad mind to hold space that perhaps such energies are useful in the universe, to strike a balance. If you believe in the Hermetic Principles, then you almost have to hold space for the possibility that there are both light and dark energies at play in the universe. You really can’t have one without the other. I think lightworkers prefer to dance around this subject, but I’m keen to look at it head-on.

I’ll start with a hypothesis:

There is dark energy in the universe, and individuals can carry dark dharma, meaning that it is part of their contract to create confusion, chaos, and fear. This dark dharma is expressed in dark code that is activated by these individuals. Unless those codes are transmuted, they can hook or anchor into your energy field and the broader matrix of our planet, which creates expansive confusion, broader chaos, and deeper subconscious fear. For some people, this may well be a goal and not an accidental outcome. I also hold that some with dark dharma are coming through for their own purification and that many – no matter how dark they appear – seek to integrate light and come into alignment. If they can transmute their dark dharma, they can be released from it.

But why does this happen? I do not know the “why” here – it’s a big question for any human to ask or receive an answer to. Like with most big questions, you have to work the language. You probably aren’t as curious about why evil exists, but more curious about why some people come through to enact it. The good news is that all dark code is visible for those who know how to see it, and once it becomes visible it loses all of its power and force. Dark cannot overwhelm light; dark can battle light all day long, but it cannot win that battle.

Moreover, dark dharma can be fully transmuted by those carrying light codes, once they become conscious of both the dark code(s) around them and the light code(s) they hold. Across our planet, in conscious and subconscious ways, you see this process unfolding now as I believe dark code has infiltrated many systems and environments we inhabit every day. Now is a hard time for empaths. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve had to uplevel your game to handle the barrage of codes coming your way as our planet moves through its ascension process. You are transmuting, channeling, and holding more energy than ever before. Do you have the tools, wisdom, understanding, support, and patience to navigate this terrain? You do. You came here to do this work, at this time, and you have called in resources from near and far to assist you. And they arrive in perfect time. Those who cannot assist you also leave in perfect time. It’s all perfect. Light code attracts dark code, and vice versa. That’s how you explain the empaths who get into relationship after relationship with people who are not in service to their highest good.

Nothing about what I have described here requires your conscious attention or change in behavior beyond simply knowing that a) this is a dark period on our planet, b) it is an energetic battle for light, and c) you have or will have what you need to process, hold, transmute, and integrate the energies when needed. I recommend setting an intention that you will have, know, see, understand, and integrate all knowledge and all energies in perfect time without having to ask, learn, or acquire. May it be so. You came here now to do this work. And the work has begun. The only surprise may be how subtle it feels. The Event was an example. Millions expected aliens to descend from the stars or planetary changes to happen in tangible ways. But interdimensional battles do not have physical boundaries. They take less of a toll on your body, but much more of a toll on your spirit. That heaviness you feel isn’t just yours, my friend.

Nothing now is to be over or underestimated. It simply is. My guides tell me that we will see many strange things in the days ahead and we are to parse through what is real vs distraction from what is real. Only you will know the difference, but many around you can help you discern as well. Eyes on the prize: That concept has never been more important. And the most important thing you can do is really focus on your practice now. Tighten up leaks in your auric field, focus on beauty and love, and laugh as much as you can. Meditate often and ask to be shown your light codes, so you can more consciously share and express them. Rest as much as you can; rest is spiritual work and the lack of it leaves you spiritually vulnerable. Know that there are multiple levels of human awareness and try not to get stuck in, or discouraged by, the third dimension. Meditating gets you outside of time and space, where you have more expansive resources to draw upon and a deeper well of support to nourish you. Only think about what you want more of, for your thoughts are cosmic invitations. And send as much love, compassion, and peace to the planet and all beings as you can. Hold hatred in your heart for no one.

For even those who cause harm might be here for redemption and love. Stand in your magic and keep a broad perspective.

Amen, A’ho, So it is.

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