Clearing and Cleaning Gemstones and Jewelry

Gem Wisdom Clearing and Cleaning Gemstones and Jewelry

Clearing and Cleaning Gemstones and Jewelry

If you’re anything like me, your gemstones and jewelry are a precious part of your life. The medicine that comes with sacred adornment is an important part of every one of my days. So taking extra special care of them is extremely important for longevity and their ability to do their healing work. In this blog, Clearing and Cleaning Gemstones and Jewelry, I share a few simple ways to keep your cherished pieces both energetically and physically free from stagnant energy and debris – so you can harness the healing power and adorn yourself with their beauty.

4 Ways to Energetically Clear Your Gemstones and Jewelry

Everything is energy, and it’s all around us – positive and negative. It can build up and prevent your gemstones from doing their intended work. Clearing the energy that has built up in your gems is resetting them to their original state where they are happiest and can do the vibrational work they were created to do. There are several ways to do this, and I will share four of my favorites.

1. Earthing

The Earth is the original home to nearly all gemstones and minerals – from here, they get their vibrational energy. By placing them back into the earth, their womb, they can be cleared of energy that has built up and be refreshed and revitalized. Use a protective cloth bag or wrapping and cover them with loose soil – make sure it is free of chemicals, pollutants, or fertilizers. Leaving them for a complete 24-hour cycle will reset them and bring them back in tune with the rhythm of Mother Earth.

Due to the moisture content in some types of soil, there are several crystals you should avoid using this method for clearing. Here is a breakdown of a few of the more popular gemstones and the dos and don’ts of moisture and water exposure.

Crystals that can be exposed to moisture or water: Agate, amethyst, aventurine, black obsidian, citrine, clear quartz, jasper, moonstone, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, and smoky quartz.

Crystals that shouldn’t be exposed to moisture or water: Angelite, apatite, apophyllite, azurite, celestite, fluorite, gypsum, halite, hematite, jade, lepidolite, lodestone, malachite, opal, pyrite, selenite, smithsonite, and ulexite.

Note: As a general rule, any gemstone whose name ends in “ite” should not be exposed to moisture.

2. Smudging

Since ancient times, our ancestors have burned sacred herbs and resins, believing the sacred smoke to raise vibrations, dispel negativity, and assist with spiritual work. Today, we know this process as smudging, and it remains a critical first step in any sacred ritual. You can also use this method to energetically clear your gemstones and jewelry of stagnant and negative vibes. Pass your treasures through the wafts of smoke and focus on its healing properties and your intentions for its use.

3. Solar and Lunar Energy

Both the Sun and the Moon have a powerful influence on our lives. Humans and animals have used their rhythms to guide them since the beginning of time. Crystals and gemstones also feel this influence, and you can work with this energy to reset them. Place your stones or jewelry in a safe place, such as a windowsill, where it can absorb sunlight or moonlight, recharging the gems. One of the best ways to do this is to leave it there from dusk to dawn, so it gets a dose of both without being exposed to direct sunlight. Some gemstones are sensitive to sunlight and can become overheated, brittle, crack, and their color can fade. Here is a breakdown of a few of the more popular gemstones and the dos and don’ts of sunlight exposure.

Crystals that can be exposed to sunlight: Black obsidian, black onyx, carnelian, clear quartz, howlite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, morganite, sunstone, and tourmaline.

Crystals that shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight: Ametrine, amethyst, apophyllite, aquamarine, auralite 23, aventurine, beryl, calcite, celestite, citrine, chalcedony, chrysoprase, fluorite, kunzite, opal, sapphire, selenite, super 7, tiger’s eye, turquoise, unakite, yellow topaz, and anything from the quartz family with the exception of clear quartz.

4. Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is a powerful clearing, protective, grounding, and energizing gem that activates the Earth Star Chakra. It’s the only stone that can clear negative energies from other stones and never needs to be cleared or cleansed itself. Placing your gemstones and jewelry next to a piece of black kyanite is a super easy and powerful way to clear it of stagnant energy.

Physically Cleaning Your Gemstones and Jewelry

Your gems and jewelry should sparkle, and exposure to things such as lotion, makeup, dust, dirt, sweat, and even pollutants in the air can dull their shine and inhibit their ability to do their healing work. Here are three simple ways to get the sparkle back:

Cleaning Gemstones

When cleaning your gemstones and gemstone jewelry, gentle is always the rule of thumb. If your crystal can tolerate water (see above), cleaning it with a solution of warm water, a drop or two of dish soap or baby wash, and a soft toothbrush works great. Use the toothbrush to clean the debris from the cracks and crevices, rinse thoroughly, pat dry, lay flat, and let it rest until it’s completely dry. You can also use seltzer water to clean your gemstones in a pinch. The carbonation helps loosen up the debris. If it’s not safe to clean your gemstone with water, you can use a dry soft toothbrush to loosen the debris and wipe it clean with a microfiber or polishing cloth.

Cleaning Silver

One of the best ways to keep tarnish off your silver is to wear it! Yep, the friction from day-to-day wear keeps the tarnish away. Always make sure to take your jewelry off when you are in the shower or bath, swimming, or when applying makeup or lotion to keep it in pristine condition.

But even wearing your silver jewelry isn’t always enough to keep it shiny, and when it’s time for a polish, there are quite a few simple ways of doing so. Beyond the traditional silver polish and a polishing cloth, you can use Dawn dish soap, baby wash, baking soda, or toothpaste with a microfiber cloth, a toothbrush, or even an eyeshadow brush. Whichever method you choose, rinse thoroughly after you’re done and dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Gold

Cleaning your gold requires an extra soft touch. The easiest way to keep your gold shiny is to soak it in a solution of warm water and a drop or two of dish soap or baby wash for five minutes. Swish it around to dislodge any debris, and place it on a cloth where you can then use a soft toothbrush to remove any lingering dirt. After cleaning, rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth – returning its original shine.

In Closing

As you can see, there are several energetic and physical ways to put the bling back into your bling. You may find different methods work better for different pieces in your collection. As you clear and clean, hold an intention in your mind and gratitude in your heart. Whichever method you choose, make sure to clear and clean your gemstones and jewelry regularly.

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